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Get it Done Right™

July 27, 2018 Personal Injury Lawsuits 0 Comments

Bart Bernard knows you have a lot of choices when it comes to hiring legal counsel. But he also knows that he is the attorney who will take your case, and as he’s consistently said throughout his career, will “Get it Done Right™.” When you work with Bart, you have an aggressive, diligent fighter in your corner. Trust him to get your case done right.

A brief history of the Bart Bernard Injury Lawyers

Bart earned his undergraduate degree in finance from the University of Louisiana in 1992 and his J.D. from Louisiana State University’s Paul M. Hebert Law Center in 1995. He spent a year clerking for U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Gerald H. Schiff in the Western District of Louisiana and then joined the legal department at Harrah’s Casino in New Orleans.

After years practicing in other cities, Bart decided he would return to his hometown in 1997 to launch his own legal firm and dedicated his practice to helping people who have been harmed through no fault of their own.  He has since won many millions of dollars in damages on behalf of his local clients. His many accolades include TWO “Best of 2017” awards from the Times of Acadiana, with readers voting him the “Best Lawyer” and “Best Law Firm” in the region. Today, Bart has two offices in Lafayette as well as other offices in Baton Rouge, Kenner, Metairie, and New Orleans.

Louisiana negligence victims trust Bart Bernard

The Bart Bernard Injury Lawyers concentrates mostly on accidents involving cars, motorcycles and trucks, offshore, maritime and industrial workplace accidents, and faulty medical devices and medications.

When you’ve been seriously injured at the hands of someone else’s negligence, you want to make sure you are getting the best legal counsel. You deserve to Get it Done Right! Call Bart today to set up your free consultation.

Click Bart First, Call Bart First™

July 10, 2018 Personal Injury Lawsuits 0 Comments

Wherever you are in Louisiana, if you have been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, personal injury attorney Bart Bernard wants to hear from you and strongly advises that you speak to any attorney before you speak to an insurance agent. From Lafayette to Baton Rouge, Kenner to New Orleans, and all throughout Acadiana- it’s important to remember Bart’s very own phrase “Click Bart First, Call Bart First!” With our strong web presence, 6 office locations, and an impossible-to-forget phone number- you have no excuse.

Find us on the internet, call 900-9000 , or  simply choose the law office most convenient to you and reach out for a free evaluation of your potential case.

Bart has grown: Now 6 Law Office Locations Serving Louisiana Residents

Wherever your injury happened, we’re here to guide you toward a successful recovery, while fighting for maximum compensation. Attorney Bart Bernard is a proud Lafayette native, driven by the philosophy that neighbors and community always come first. We advocate for the people of Louisiana during their time of need, bringing a wealth of expertise and strategic focus. Our reputation for winning complex injury cases involving industrial accidents, premises liability and worker’s compensation is leveled with a commitment to personalized, compassionate service.

Our award-winning law firm has assisted thousands of injured clients throughout the state of Louisiana, gaining valuable trial expertise in the process. Put our knowledge, rigorous work ethic and experience to work for you by partnering with personal injury lawyer Louisiana residents have come to trust: Bart Bernard.

All of our Louisiana law office locations handle a wide range of legal matters involving personal injury and negligence.

Come visit us in:

  • Camellia Blvd., Lafayette
  • Caillouet Place, Lafayette
  • Baton Rouge
  • Kenner
  • New Orleans
  • Metaririe

Don’t delay: Call Bart right away.

Click or call Bart first to set up your initial, free case evaluation. Bart Bernard and his dedicated staff will ensure that all your questions are answered.

Click Bart first at 


Call Bart First 900-9000

and let’s get to work on your case. We look forward to hearing from you very soon!

Hit Hard with Bart Bernard™

June 27, 2018 Personal Injury Lawsuits 0 Comments

Bart Bernard headshotBart Bernard coined the phrase “Hit hard with Bart Bernard!™” to compliment his heavy hitting style. Insurance companies will often make low-ball offers of settlements prior to trial if they believe the deck is stacked in their favor. But Bart does not suffer bullies, especially those that seek only to undermine the recovery of plaintiffs who are already suffering. To Bart, these tactics are unacceptable, and so he is willing to take his cases to trial if necessary. 

Bart Bernard is among Louisiana’s most reputable personal injury lawyers. Known for his hard-hitting negotiating style and willingness to go to trial, Bart is absolutely committed to helping victims of negligence receive maximum compensation for serious injuries.

Be Smart. Get Bart.™

Navigating the legal process without legal counsel is never a wise decision. The smallest misstep whether it’s making an uninformed statement to an insurance adjuster, or giving improper notice to certain defendants, or failure to file within the statute of limitations- any number of rookie mistakes could cost you the right to file a lawsuit in Louisiana. You know better than that! You’re Smart. Get Bart.™

A record of leadership in Louisiana

Bart Bernard is on the board of Louisiana State Bar and is also a member of the:

  • Million Dollar Advocates Forum
  • Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum
  • Elite Lawyers of America
  • American Association of Justice (AAJ)
  • Louisiana Trial Lawyers (Louisiana Association of Justice)

Notable cases

Bart Bernard developed notoriety for aggressively taking on big defendants – and winning. For instance, in the case of Trenton Broussard vs. LA Farm Bureau, Bart Bernard was able to recover over $2 million for his client, who was rear-ended by an uninsured motorist and denied coverage under the uninsured motorist part of the policy. LA Farm Bureau ultimately lost their appeal in court.

In another landmark case, Ron Warren vs. Teleflex, a jury in state district court of Louisiana awarded $23 million in punitive damages to a man whose son was killed in a Prien Lake boating accident. The jury found that Teleflex was negligent in the design and safety testing of their boat steering system. Fifteen years of internal testing showed that problems could arise when hydraulic fluid leaked out, but they sold the systems without warning.

“It’s important to win these victories for the people against big insurance and manufacturing companies, because it tells these entities that they do not have supreme power,” Bart Bernard says. “Insurers have a legal mandate to hold up their end of a written coverage agreement. Manufacturers have a legal responsibility to warn people about known risks that can harm people. They can’t build their profits off the backs of the people.”

Call for a Free, Private Consultation

Are you ready to hit hard with Bart Bernard? Call 900-9000 any time, day or night, for more information about pursuing a legal claim for your personal injury. All legal counsel is on a contingency basis only, so you pay nothing unless he wins compensation on your behalf.

The Facts About Ovarian Cancer

May 14, 2018 Talcum Powder Litigation 0 Comments

Ovarian Cancer Claims Thousands of Lives

doctor and patient with ovarian cancerNotwithstanding major advances in reproductive healthcare over the past twenty years, ovarian cancer continues to rank as the fifth highest cause of cancer-related deaths among women. The American Cancer Society predicts that in 2018 more than 22,000 cases of ovarian cancer will be diagnosed, and that more than 14,000 women will die due to complications from ovarian cancer.

Here at the Bart Bernard Injury Lawyers in Louisiana, we are committed to supporting the efforts of the physicians and researchers who are striving to cure ovarian cancer, and of the regulators who are working to reduce or eliminate the man-made factors and suspected carcinogens that increase ovarian cancer risks.

Understanding the symptoms, warning signs, risk factors, effects, and treatments for ovarian cancer is the starting point for eradicating this “silent killer.”

What are the Early Warning Signs of Ovarian Cancer?

Ovarian cancer is more easily treated when diagnosed in its early stages. Many of the early symptoms and warning signs of ovarian cancer, however, are similar to symptoms of less virulent health problems.

Because of this, the early warning signs are easily overlooked or ignored. Women are encouraged to visit their physicians promptly if they have any combination of these symptoms over a short period of time:

  • Abdominal bloating, pain pressure, or an unusual sense of fullness after eating that feels different than indigestion;
  • Frequent urination or an increased urge to urinate;
  • Chronic fatigue;
  • Back or belly pain;
  • Irregular or heavy menstrual cycles;
  • Muscular weakness;
  • Excessive skin rashes

If there is any doubt over whether these symptoms are just normal reactions to daily stresses, women should trust their instincts and seek medical attention.

Are You at Increased Risk for Ovarian Cancer?

Researchers have identified a number of risk factors that increase a woman’s likelihood of developing ovarian cancer.

  • Approximately 25% of all ovarian cancer cases occur in women who are genetically predisposed to developing the disease. Genetic testing may be able to determine whether you have the specific gene mutations that are related to this increased risk.
  • Women who have a relative who developed ovarian or certain other types of cancer are also at an elevated risk, even if they do not have a genetic predisposition for it.
  • As a woman ages, her risk of developing ovarian cancer increases. Ovarian cancer diagnoses are highest among women between the ages of 55 and 64.
  • Regular exposure to certain carcinogenic substances may increase ovarian cancer risks. Scientific studies have demonstrated a causal link between talcum powder and ovarian cancer.
  • Certain pharmaceutical treatments, including hormone replacement therapy for five or more years, will increase ovarian cancer risks.
  • Lifestyle habits, including smoking and obesity, will also increase a woman’s overall cancer risks.

Diagnosis and Treatment for Advanced Ovarian Cancer

In its later stages, ovarian cancer will lead to a number of common symptoms, including severe pelvic, abdominal, or kidney pain, extreme bloating and constipation, rapid weight loss, and abdominal fluid retention. An oncologist might recommend CT scans, abdominal ultrasound, blood tests, or surgical biopsies to verify an ovarian cancer diagnosis.

Treatments for ovarian cancer may include surgical removal of cancerous tissue, chemotherapy and radiation, and other targeted therapies. A limited number of physicians are trying a handful of experimental therapies as well.

Ovarian cancer is a general term for a number of different types of cancer than can affect a woman’s ovaries and reproductive system. A treatment plan will be a function of the specific type and stage of cancer that has been diagnosed.

Consult with an Experienced Louisiana Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer but have none of the genetic or other risk factors for the disease, exposure to carcinogenic substances may be a factor. Recent studies and litigation have pointed to a potential link between talc and ovarian cancer, particularly among women who have used the powder for personal hygiene over long periods of time.

Attorney Bart Bernard has extensive experience in dangerous drug litigation and can help eligible women file a talcum powder lawsuit in search of monetary compensation. Reach out to our Lafayette or Baton Rouge offices today to arrange a complimentary consultation.

Additional Ovarian Cancer Resources:

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