Baton Rouge Bus Accident Lawyers

If you ride Baton Rouge city buses, then you know that the quality of service can vary from one day to the next. But, whether or not your trip is pleasant, most of the time, you can count on reaching your destination safely.

We say “most of the time” because no system of transportation is perfect. Here are some of the risk factors that can turn an ordinary bus trip into a life-changing catastrophe:

  • Maintenance issues: Like all commercial vehicles, public buses are large, complex pieces of equipment that require diligent care. When they’re pushed past their limits, innocent people are put at risk.
  • Defective safeguards: How many times have you heard about a vehicle being recalled due to safety issues? The same thing happens to city buses. However, sometimes the repair comes too late to prevent accidents and injuries.
  • Drowsy, distracted, or impaired drivers: A bus is only as safe as the person operating it. Bus drivers are just as human as the rest of us. They go without sleep, try to multitask while behind the wheel, and can suffer impairment due to medication side effects.
  • Infrastructure problems: An alert driver and a well-maintained bus are only two parts of a safe driving equation. Accidents can still occur due to unmarked construction sites, road debris, or street problems like potholes.
  • Route mismanagement: Transit authorities are responsible for planning bus routes safely and efficiently. But sometimes they overlook important factors like traffic congestion or closed streets, leading to serious consequences for bus passengers.

How to get the full compensation you deserve

Are you suffering due to a busing accident? If so, then talking to a Louisiana bus accident attorney is the next logical step, even if you’ve already received a settlement offer. Here’s why:

  • Conflicting interests: Insurance companies are like any other private business. They exist to make a profit, even if this means paying out as little as possible for claims.
  • A better future: Our Baton Rouge bus accident lawyers work for our clients, not the insurance companies. Our goal is to help you get every penny of the compensation you need to put the accident behind you and get on with life.
  • Peace of mind: The financial pressures on an injury victim can be overwhelming. Besides the costs of medical bills, there are monthly bills and daily living expenses to worry about. A bus accident lawyer can act as your advocate when dealing with your creditors, freeing you to focus on your wellbeing.
  • The public good: Making a stand against public safety problems sends a clear message to those responsible for your suffering. It lets them know that you’re serious about making Baton Rouge a safer, better city for all its residents.

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