Bayou Blue Car Accident Lawyers

Living in Bayou Blue can mean avoiding the more substantial traffic of New Orleans, but car accidents still happen. When they do, it helps to have reliable, experienced representation on your side. Although each case is different, our attorneys will work hard to get you the justice you want and the compensation you need. Hit Hard with Bart Bernard™.

When do I need to hire a car accident lawyer?

Not every case needs a lawyer.  If you have anything more than minimal property damage with no injuries, you may need to battle the insurance companies – and they always have lawyers. The process can be intimidating and sometimes unfair, but you can put yourself on equal footing by retaining an experienced attorney.

Bayou Blue car accident lawyers will make sure your damages are fully accounted for.  These can include the cost of treating injuries during the length of the case to taking into consideration any medical treatments you accrue after the case is complete. Attorneys are professionals who understand laws and procedural rules, and they put that knowledge to work to advocate for you.

How much is my case worth?

Car accidents can cost their victims not only time but money as well. However, trying to figure out how much your case is truly worth is not necessarily clear cut.  Since each case is different, it is not always clear how much you can or should seek in your situation.  Every case is handled on a case by case basis. Your case will likely involve a mix of expenses and other losses. Damages like doctor’s bills or lost wages may be easy to quantify. Other harms like pain and suffering or the long-term impairment of a temporary or permanent disability may be much more challenging to calculate.

A skilled lawyer from Bart Bernard Injury Lawyers will take a complete look at your case to determine its fair value. Your attorney will take into consideration immediate losses as well as costs anticipated after the conclusion of your case.  In addition to costs, it may also include whether you share any fault or blame. If so, to what extent?  Also, the severity of your injury may come into play, as well as the outcome of previous settlements and verdicts in the same location involving similar types of cases.

Settlement process after a car accident

Our Bayou blue lawyers are willing and able to go to trial and fight on your behalf if the case needs to be taken to court. In many situations, most cases can settle before then. Here are some of the steps your car accident lawyer will take to make sure you are in either the bet settlement position or in the best position to try a case if negotiations are unsuccessful.

  • Investigate – Gather evidence in support of your claim. This includes evidence to show the other driver’s liability as well as evidence to document your damages.
  • Make a demand – Formally present a demand letter to the insurance carrier asking it to pay the full claim value.
  • File a lawsuit – Usually, the insurance company will not agree to pay the maximum compensation demanded right off the bat. You will often need to file a lawsuit against the at-fault party (the party insured by the carrier). But this needs to happen within the statute of limitations for the type of accident.

Settlements usually take place during litigation, but the preliminary investigation that builds the case plays an essential role in obtaining the most compensation available.

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If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident, your choice in car accident lawyers matters. Choose a hard-hitting lawyer who cares about what you are experiencing. Our attorneys at Bart Bernard Injury Lawyers are here to help. They have successfully recovered millions of dollars on behalf of their clients. Let our Bayou Blue car accident lawyers at Bart Bernard Injury Lawyers talk with you. Schedule a free consultation today.