Bayou Cane Bus Accident Lawyers

In Bayou Cane, the people are known for hard work and plain speech. If you’ve been involved in a bus accident that has wreaked havoc with your wellbeing, and your ability to provide for your family— you may need to contact the right bus accident attorney.

A growing public safety problem

Millions of Americans rely on public buses as their primary means of transportation. Millions more ride the bus now and again, either for convenience or as a way to save on fuel costs.

Most of these people arrive safe and sound at their chosen destination. But sometimes things take a wrong turn, leading to serious injuries or even worse. Here are some troubling stories taken from recent headlines:

  • Six people were injured during a Christmas Day bus accident in 2019 when a Queens, New York bus collided with a passenger car on city streets. Several passengers were taken to the hospital.
  • In September 2019, a tour bus traveling near Bryce Canyon, Utah, was involved in a fatal crash that killed four passengers and sent many more to the hospital.
  • Again in September 2019, a person involved in a California bus crash burned to death during the accident. The stalled bus was blocking a lane on a public freeway.
  • Three teens died in March 2019, when a driver sped through a red light and struck a public bus at high speed.  

As you can see, bus crashes can have many causes. Sometimes the fault lies with the bus company itself. Other times, bus passengers fall victim to drowsy, distracted, or drunk drivers who have no business being behind the wheel of a car.

Sorting through the many reasons for a bus accident is beyond the abilities of the average attorney. It takes a seasoned bus accident lawyer from our firm to get at the truth that others may try to hide.

How do you find the right Bayou Cane bus accident lawyers to handle your case? Here’s what to look for:

  • Local roots: Giant multi-state law firms may not have the cultural and personal skills needed to practice law here in the Pelican State. You need a bus accident lawyer who knows his or her way around this neck of the woods.
  • Big-city resources: Taking on transport companies and insurance firms require Bayou Cane bus accident lawyers with serious legal knowledge and investigative skill. Otherwise, they may find themselves outmaneuvered.
  • A people-centered approach: There’s no reason to put up with cold, impersonal treatment when you’re fighting to get your fair share of compensation. You’re a human being, not a case number.

Once you consider these factors, we’re confident that you’ll choose Bart Bernard as Your Personal Injury Lawyer™.  Our firm has been practicing law right here in Louisiana for more than 20 years. We’re big enough to handle serious cases—and small enough to ensure that when you need an update on your case, you’ll get it.

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