Bella Chase Truck Accident Lawyers

In the modern days of at-home meal deliveries, monthly subscription packages, and big online shopping stores, freight vehicles are increasingly found amongst highways, rural streets, and county roads.  From Bella Chase to Baton Rouge and beyond, the chances for collisions increase as well.

In fact, every year across the U.S., there are nearly 500,000 accidents related to vehicle collisions with large commercial trucks of 10,000 lbs. or more. Yet even at low speeds, the impact of such a collision can cause serious injury or worse to Bella Chase residents.

The effects of an accident can be overwhelming for the individual and the family. Whether the injury is minor from whiplash to small cuts or lacerations, to severe disfigurement, brain trauma, or loss of life– the moments, days, and months following an accident are stressful.

Beyond the physical recovery, it can also mean mounting medical bills and loss of current or future wages that can impact an individual’s or family’s financial well-being. Yet no matter how traumatic or taxing this can be, there is help.

A Bella Chase truck accident attorney from our team at Bart Bernard Injury Lawyers can help you recover fair compensation in the aftermath of a serious commercial vehicle accident.

In Louisiana, most trucking companies, whether for-hire, owner-operator, or privately–owned, carry insurance policies of up to $750,000 for the vehicle. While this sum can easily cover the damages of an individual or family, the insurance company often aggressively protects it. It also may not be adequate to cover the severity of the injuries.

While injuries to the brain or spine often recover the highest figures in a truck accident claim, any injured party is entitled to fair compensation. Types of compensation could include:

  • Reduced quality of life
  • Emotional pain and suffering
  • Past, present and future medical expenses
  • Loss of work or wages
  • Resulting home modifications or assistive technologies
  • Loss of limb, life, and related expenses

However, many factors can contribute to an accident with a large commercial vehicle, and therefore, determining liability– or identifying the responsible party– can be difficult and incredibly complex. For instance, in some cases, the fault may be solely on the driver if the evidence indicates they were distracted, under the influence, fatigued, or speeding.

However, it also could be a result of the route planner, shift manager, or maintenance or loading company. Local municipalities and state entities could also share responsibility due to road hazards, improperly or unmarked construction zones, or other road impediments.

It could also be any combination of the above and getting to the bottom of it could prove difficult for an inexperienced lawyer. You need the expertise of the Bart Bernard team of Bella Chase truck accident lawyers.

It’s also of critical importance to begin the claim process as quickly as possible. The state of Louisiana has a one-year statute of limitations for truck and vehicle accidents.

Start today by scheduling your free consultation with our Bella Chase truck accident lawyer. Be Smart. Get Bart. ™