Bossier City Truck Accident Lawyers

While the commercial trucking industry is booming across the U.S., there is also a shortage of drivers, adequate trucks, and repair technicians, which creates increased wear-and-tear on the current vehicles. The lack of resources means that current conditions are strained which leads to a higher risk of an accident.

In 2016, there were more than 475,000 reported accidents with large trucks (over 10,000 lbs.) and passenger vehicles across the U.S. Everyday citizens, like those of Bossier City, were heading to or from work, running necessary errands or visiting a friend or family member when their lives were instantly changed.

You may have rights to pursue a claim

From the moment impact strikes, it is overwhelming. When you or a loved one is injured, it is traumatic. What comes next can be even more stressful– medical treatments, lost wages and navigating the claims process with insurance companies. If you are a resident of Bossier City, and you or a loved one has been in a collision with a large commercial vehicle, a compassionate Bart Bernard truck accident attorney can help you.

While no amount of compensation will ease suffering, it can help you and your loved ones begin to rebuild your lives.  If you have experienced any of the following injuries as a result of a truck accident in Bossier City, you may have rights to pursue a claim:

  • Whiplash and other soft tissue injuries
  • Bone fractures of the arm, leg, wrist, ankle, pelvic or hip injuries
  • Concussions, and other traumatic brain damage
  • Severe cuts and puncture wounds
  • Back or spinal cord injuries, including paralysis, fractured vertebrae or herniated discs
  • Disfigurement or scarring
  • Loss of limb or life

Hit Hard with Bart Bernard™ 

Our seasoned team of Bossier City truck accident lawyers is skilled in helping residents build the strongest case possible to hold responsible parties accountable in the pursuit of justice. While policies on a large commercial vehicle can be upwards of $750,000, insurance companies want to keep as much as they can, regardless of the impact on you.  

They want to settle quickly and for as little as possible, especially when ongoing medical treatment or rehabilitation is so expensive.  Yet, this is exactly when you need Bart Bernard Injury Lawyers. A Bossier City truck accident lawyer can help to navigate the complexities of a collision and determine liability. Often, multiple parties are potentially at fault– from the driver to the route planner, the logistical company, the maintenance company, and even municipal or state entities.

Regardless of your situation, you don’t have time to wait. The state of Louisiana requires that lawsuits and claims for compensation are filed within one year from the moment of impact.

Begin with a free consultation with our Bossier truck accident lawyers. We’ll review the details of the accident, medical and other services rendered, research and collect evidence, and help you and your loved ones determine the best course of action for justice.  Be Smart. Get Bart.™