Crowley Car Accident Lawyers

It’s a beautiful sunny day in the “rice capital of America,” and you’re driving to the store to pick up some groceries. Suddenly, a distracted driver blows through a stop sign and hits your car. Accidents like this happen all the time, even in safe and quiet towns like Crowley. Accidents can happen for no reason whatsoever, but usually, someone is to blame.
Above, the driver who failed to stop at the intersection could have many reasons for his poor judgment. The driver could have been drunk, distracted by a text message, overtired, or made a conscious decision to drive through the stop sign because they were running late. If you’ve been hurt in a crash, caused by another motorist’s negligence. You need to contact Crowley car accident lawyers with Bart Bernard Injury Lawyers right away. Don’t let a reckless driver get off scot-free. Hit Hard with Bart Bernard.™

You may be able to win compensation for your injuries

The law in Louisiana is designed to protect accident victims, but to seek justice, you’ll need an experienced car accident attorney in your corner. The liable driver’s insurance company may offer you a settlement that covers the cost of your emergency medical care, as well as car repairs or car replacement. Though they thought of quick, easy money can seem appealing, with Crowley car accident lawyers you may be able to seek a more significant sum. With a legal team at your side, you cannot go wrong. You may seek funds, including money for ongoing medical care, cash to make up for missed paychecks, and decreased future earnings as well as money to cover your living expenses while you recuperate.

Schedule a free consultation today

Hurt anywhere in Louisiana? Bart Bernard Injury Lawyers are standing by 24/7 to hear your side. Legal consultations are always free and confidential, and you’re under no obligation to retain our services. We can examine the details of your crash, estimate a fair compensation amount, and help you figure out your next steps. Don’t leave the money you need to get back on your feet sitting on the table. Be Smart. Get Bart.™

A skilled legal team with no upfront legal fees

Not everyone can pay for a lawyer out of pocket. However, we don’t think a lack of funds should be a barrier between accident victims and justice. To that end, every car accident lawyer with Bart Bernard Injury Lawyers works on contingency fees. This means we don’t get paid a nickel unless you win damages or agree to a settlement. Come in for a conversation today, and explain the events that led up to your accident. If we decide you have a case, we can get to work right away with no upfront legal fees. In the unlikely event that we fail to recover damages, you won’t owe us any legal fees at all. Pick up the phone and see what Bart Bernard Injury Lawyers can do for you.