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An expanding economy is good news for all of us. It keeps people working and fills our nation’s highways with bustling economic activity.

But prosperity can carry a hidden price tag, namely the increased likelihood of trucking accidents. Statistics show that more than 4,000 people were killed in commercial vehicle accidents in 2017 alone. Thousands more suffered serious injuries.

Not every trucking accident is the carrier’s fault, of course; but many are. It takes a legal specialist to sort out the facts. That’s why you need the right truck accident attorney in your corner when the unthinkable occurs. Otherwise, you may not get the compensation you deserve. The Bart Bernard team of Denham Springs personal injury lawyers is ready to fight for you.

How Trucking Accidents Happen

Truckers take pride in their rigs– and rightly so. A modern commercial vehicle is a masterpiece of mechanical design, with thousands of complex parts all designed to work together with smooth precision.

Still, no piece of machinery is perfect; neither is the person who operates it, for that matter. Here are just a few reasons why trucking accidents occur with alarming frequency:

  • Fatigue, overwork, or distraction: Truckers endure long hours of exhausting work to deliver their loads on time. They must make split-second decisions in all kinds of traffic conditions. These factors can set the stage for serious accidents.
  • Faulty or poorly maintained equipment: A fully loaded tractor-trailer can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds. Keeping such an enormous piece of equipment under control requires careful maintenance. Sometimes steps get overlooked.
  • Overloaded trailers: Have you ever seen an active weigh station along the roadside? These mobile facilities serve a vital role in protecting public safety. That’s because an overloaded rig puts added stress on tires, axles, and brakes, making mechanical failure an ever-present risk.

Trucking is Big Business

There are more than 2 million semi-trucks active on America’s highways, bringing goods to giant cities as well as picturesque communities like Denham Springs. They’re a common sight, not only on the interstates but on two and four-lane roads from coast to coast.

With so much cash flow, trucking companies can hire an army of legal experts. This puts the average person at a disadvantage when dealing with them. As an accident victim, you deserve fair treatment. This means choosing Denham Springs personal injury lawyers who focus on trucking cases.

These attorneys have the know-how and expertise to deal with transport law and regulations. They work with investigative teams to uncover the circumstances behind every accident.

Most importantly, they refuse to let the big trucking companies intimidate them or their clients. This makes a truck accident lawyer a valuable ally to have on your side.

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