Denham Springs Car Accident Lawyers

Denham Springs car accidents are all too common along popular traffic arteries like I-12, LA Highway 1028, the 190, LA Highway 16, and LA Highway 1032. A handful of fatalities occur in this section of Livingston Parish each year. When you or a loved one have been involved in a serious accident, Get it Done Right.™

Contact a car accident attorney at Bart Bernard to learn more about your legal rights to compensation.

Do You Need A Car Accident Attorney?

The aftermath of a car accident is filled with more questions than answers. Who was at fault? Who pays for physical injuries and property damage if the accident wasn’t your fault? How will you afford to be off work during your recovery? The experience of an attorney is extremely helpful in exploring the complex world of insurance claims and settlements. This is why you need Denham Springs personal injury lawyers.

Hiring a car accident lawyer is always prudent when:

  • You or your loved one has suffered a long-term or permanently disabling injury. Injuries to bones, joints, the brain, spinal cord, organs, or appendages can take you above and beyond what insurers are willing to pay. A lawyer will help you find the best medical care provider for your injuries, estimate how much your injuries will cost over time, and explore alternate methods of funding recovery.
  • Multiple parties were involved, and liability is unclear. When multiple people have been injured in a crash, there may not be enough money to go around. The other party may attempt to dodge liability or even pin the blame on you with a crossclaim. Having the investigative power of a law firm behind you will ensure the truth comes out.
  • The insurance company engages in bad faith tactics. Insurers are notorious for delaying claims until they pass the statute of limitations for filing a lawsuit, and then offering a lowball settlement. Working with a lawyer ensures you exercise your full legal rights and receive fair, prompt compensation.

A lot of work goes into negotiating an insurance settlement or personal injury lawsuit. Attorneys offer in-depth experience obtaining evidence, gathering police reports and witness statements, securing strong medical provider testimony, and assembling your paperwork with support documents like wage statements.

Reasons To Hire A Local Denham Springs Lawyer

Many car accident attorneys come from national firms. Yet, there are numerous advantages of working with Bart Bernard, a local law firm serving all of Greater Baton Rouge, Livingston Parish, and Denham Springs:

  • Reduce out-of-pocket costs: Traveling attorneys charge clients for hotel costs, meals, and driving time.
  • Lower hourly rate: Big city attorneys charge big city prices to cover their office overhead.
  • Local investment: We support local businesses, charities, employees, and communities.  
  • Familiarity: We know local judges – their likes and dislikes, personalities, and behaviors.
  • Accessibility: Need to talk about your case? We are available to you by phone, email, or office hours.

Get A Free Case Review

Contact Bart Bernard for a free case review. Our track record of car accident wins is so impressive, we can afford to offer contingency-based representation at no upfront cost to you. While no results are guaranteed, we can proudly say we’ve won multiple six-figure awards for local victims of motor vehicle crashes. We take our fee out of successful settlements or jury awards. You have nothing to lose in calling a car accident lawyer.