Destrehan Car Accident Lawyers

As a Destrehan resident, you’re no stranger to driving. Whether you’re going to visit the oldest documented antebellum plantation home, or are stuck in New Orleans traffic, cars are an integral part of your life. Sadly, this also means that car accidents are as inevitable as those afternoon thunderstorms in the summer.

If you or someone you love has been injured in one of these car accidents, don’t lose hope. An expert car accident attorney from Bart Bernard Injury Lawyers can help you fight for the justice and compensation you deserve.

Proving car accident liability

According to Louisiana state law, the plaintiff (the driver that initiates the car accident lawsuit) is responsible for proving that the defendant (the other driver) acted in negligence, and is therefore liable for the car accident and any ensuing injuries or losses. That’s where Destrehan personal injury lawyers come in.

When you hire a lawyer to represent you in a car accident case, that lawyer will take on the responsibility of proving negligence and liability. Experienced lawyers go about this by gathering and examining evidence from the car accident, including police reports, eye witness statements, and CCTV footage.

Different kinds of damages in car accident cases

Plaintiffs can seek monetary compensation for three kinds of damages in car accident cases: actual, economic, and emotional and physical. Actual damages are direct costs the plaintiff incurred because of the accident, and include things like property damage, medical bills and car repairs.

Economic damages are less concrete, as they cover monetary losses because of the accident. Economic damages can include lost wages because of missed work, reduced earning capacity because of long-term injury or decreased job performance, or even missed work because of loss of transportation to or from work.

Emotional and physical pain and suffering damages are the least quantifiable of all three kinds, as they include almost everything and anything that decreased the plaintiff’s quality of life.

Comparative negligence laws

There is a Louisiana state law that dictates that negligence and resulting liability for an accident can be split between the involved drivers. In other words, this comparative negligence law means that every driver involved who is found negligent can be held responsible for paying out damages for their percentage of liability. This law also works the other way, meaning that if you are found 20% liable, you can still sue for 80% of the total damages.

Hit Hard. Get Bart Bernard.™

The ins and outs of Louisiana tort law are confusing. That’s why it’s imperative that you have an expert car accident lawyer fighting for your rights. The Bart Bernard team of Destrehan personal injury lawyers has the tenacity and drive necessary to get you the best possible results in your car accident case.

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