Do You Represent Workers’ Compensation Cases?


We do different types of work. Maritime work you get Longshore Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act, and if you’re working for someone on land, you get workers’ compensation. One of the things that we’re always looking for in a workers’ compensation type case is what’s called a third-party case. Did someone who was at work while working get hurt, but it was the fault of someone else? In other words, not their employers or their co-employees. That’s one of the things that we’re also looking for because you get a workers’ comp payment and you get a third-party payment from the negligent party.

These workers’ comp cases, they apply even if you’re driving a truck for work but you get hit by someone else who’s not driving a truck, who’s not a co-employee. You have the right to sue them and make a recovery for your damages from those people. That’s called a typical third-party case. We’re looking for those if you got hurt at work. Always call my office if you get hurt at work.


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