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baby powder talcumThanks to thousands of lawsuits against talcum powder manufacturers, the public is becoming aware of the link between talc-based products and cancer. It is becoming more widely understood that the manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers have failed to warn consumers of the danger of talc-based products.

What manufacturers have failed to reveal about talc danger

Scientists have known for over 40 years that there are links between talc products like baby powder and serious health problems such as ovarian cancer. A suspected link has been asbestos – not only are talc fibers similar in composition to asbestos, but talc is mined in the same areas as asbestos and contamination is known to happen.

Baby powder and other talcum powder manufacturers have insisted that their talc products are asbestos-free but many, including the juries hearing experts testify against them, do not believe this. Whether the injuries are based on talc’s relationship with asbestos or another characteristic of talc, juries have held the major manufacturers of talc products liable for ovarian cancer and mesothelioma.

Which talc powders are a risk?

Talc is used in many consumer products and is especially common in cosmetics and other personal care items. Items that contain talc could potentially put users in harm’s way.

However, often products that one may think of as talc-based actually contain corn starch instead. Corn starch-based products do not pose the same threat and do not appear to be linked to cancer or mesothelioma.

Talcum powder manufacturers

Johnson & Johnson

Perhaps the most well-known of the talcum powder manufacturers is Johnson & Johnson (“J&J”). It was the first to introduce talcum powder to the general public in 1894 when it provided talc to treat skin irritation from its medicated bandages. When customers began re-purposing the powder to treat diaper rashes, J&J re-branded the talc as Toilet and Baby Powder.

J&J later released Shower to Shower, a deodorant powder advertised for daily use, though the company is now owned by Valean Pharmaceuticals International Inc. J&J has been named in over 6,000 lawsuits over ovarian cancer allegedly caused by use of both its baby powder and Shower to Shower product.

Plaintiffs across the country have won verdicts in the tens of millions of dollars against J&J over talc cancer. Among them, in May 2017, a jury in St. Louis awarded a Virginia woman $110 million based on her claims that using J&J’s talcum powder products led to her development of ovarian cancer.

Colgate-Palmolive Co.

Colgate-Palmolive was the manufacturer of Cashmere Bouquet, a line of personal hygiene products that includes a cosmetic talcum powder that has allegedly caused mesothelioma in some users. Cashmere Bouquet has a long history; Colgate-Palmolive offered the product for over a century, beginning in 1871. It sold the brand in 1995 after the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced that the presence of asbestos in talc can cause cancer.

Cashmere Bouquet has been the focus of many mesothelioma lawsuits. In a 2015 landmark case, Colgate-Palmolive was ordered to pay $13 million to a woman who developed mesothelioma after years of using Cashmere Bouquet and it has settled many similar cases. The talc for the powder had been mined by Imerys Talc North America.

Talc supplier Imerys

Imerys, based in France but with locations in the United States as well, is a leading supplier of talc throughout the world. In addition to baby powder, Imerys supplied talc for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, soap, paint, plastics, rubber, ceramics, and other products.

Imerys has been named as a defendant by victims of both ovarian cancer and mesothelioma. Notably, in a 2018 case, a New Jersey jury awarded $117 million to a man who developed mesothelioma, a lung disease commonly associated with asbestos. In that case, the jury found J&J 70% at fault, while assigning 30% of the liability to its talc supplier, Imerys.

Other talcum powder manufacturers

While J&J has the most market-share when it comes to talcum powder products, baby powder and other talc-based personal care products are available under many other labels, including:

  • Angel of Mine Baby Powder
  • Anti Monkey Butt Powder
  • Assured Shower & Bath Absorbent Body Powder
  • Store brands including CVS Brand Baby Powder, Family Dollar Mild Baby Powder, and Rite Aid Baby Powder

Even when it comes to private label products, there is often a major manufacturer or supplier involved. For individuals who have been injured by one of these products, we can help get to the bottom of what company is behind putting it on the market.

What a talcum powder cancer lawyer can do to help

Taking on a big and powerful company in a talcum powder cancer lawsuit takes resources and legal know-how. These companies have deep pockets and teams of experts at their disposal. Louisiana attorney Bart Bernard stands firm in the face of these big businesses while protecting the rights of injured parties.

If you or a family member is facing cancer because of talcum powder, make an appointment to speak with Bart Bernard in Lafayette or Baton Rouge. Consultations are free and we never collect a fee unless we win money on your behalf.

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