Gretna Truck Accident Lawyers

Life in Gretna, Louisiana, is lovely, especially because the Mississippi River is right in our backyard. But no community is immune from the harm that large commercial trucks can cause when they are out of control. If you’ve fallen victim to this, then it’s important to talk to a truck accident attorney sooner rather than later. Putting it off may rob you of the opportunity to receive fair compensation for medical care, lost income, and other related expenses. Contact the Bart Bernard team of Gretna truck accident lawyers today.

Why you need to act now

Some things are too important to put off. Seeking justice is one of them. Here’s what may happen if you delay acting:

  • You may harm your ability to prove your case: Time has a way of causing important evidence to disappear. Witnesses forget crucial details. Tire marks fade, and key pieces of evidence are lost or misplaced.
  • You may find yourself struggling to make ends meet: We don’t have to tell you that medical care is costly. Even the best health coverage can leave large deductibles to worry about. That’s not to mention added expenses like lost wages, monthly bills, and other fees.
  • You may run out of time: Statutes of limitation can close the window of opportunity on your case forever.

We say these things, not to pressure or to frighten you, but to encourage you to contact a truck accident lawyer at your earliest convenience. The sooner you take this crucial step, the sooner you can start to focus on rebuilding your life.

What our Gretna truck accident lawyers can do for you

Here’s what you can expect when you contact us:

  • A supportive, reassuring voice: Being an accident victim is sometimes lonely. Even well-intentioned people may struggle to empathize with what you’re going through. Our staff is trained to listen and to offer gentle reassurance.
  • Expert guidance: Legal matters like liability and damages are complex topics that require advanced legal training to understand and explain. Going the DIY route rarely makes sense when it comes to the law.
  • A clear message to the other side: Trucking companies and insurers know that compensating victims can cost them money. Sadly, this can make them resort to low-ball tactics. Engaging an attorney’s services shows them that you refuse to be intimidated.
  • Empowerment and peace of mind: Knowing that you’ve taken a positive step towards resolving your case can free your mind of needless worry and help you to concentrate on your wellbeing.

Bart Bernard– Your Personal Injury Lawyer™

Bart Bernard opened his Louisiana law practice in 1997. Since then, he and his accomplished team have helped hundreds of people across the Pelican State to get the compensation they deserve. Aggressive yet professional, our firm will stand up to the toughest pressure from the other side, never resting until there is a fair deal on the table.

Bart Bernard is also a civic-minded member of the local community, with a history of helping the less fortunate. These qualities, along with his superb legal skills, make him the attorney of choice for those who have been injured by other people’s negligence.

Contact us to get the wheels rolling. Consultations are always free, and no fees are collected until you win your case. We are ready to fight for you.