Harvey Car Accident Lawyers

Even the most careful and experienced drivers can be badly hurt in an accident. When the negligence or wrongdoing of another motorist is to blame, victims have a right to pursue reparations.  It’s vital to know that a dedicated car accident attorney in Harvey can help you seek justice. For more than two decades, Bart Bernard Injury Lawyers has been protecting the rights of clients throughout Jefferson Parish and southern Louisiana.

Our skilled Harvey personal injury lawyers investigate motor vehicle accident claims to establish liable parties, and then advocate for the maximum monetary damages due.

Attorney Bart Bernard provides client-oriented legal representation with a view toward achieving the best possible outcome in every case.  If you or someone you love sustained injuries in a car wreck, we encourage you to reach out for a no-obligation case review. Hit Hard with Bart Bernard

Why hire a car accident attorney?

Regardless of how the accident occurred, it is crucial to align yourself with a capable law firm that can protect your rights. Here at Bart Bernard Injury Lawyers, we aim to level the playing field and offer powerful representation that gets results. While we never guarantee outcomes in car accident claims, we are aggressive litigators who work hard to make sure you are properly compensated by negligent parties. Our Harvey personal injury lawyers leave no stone unturned when it comes to your recovery.

We take care of all communications with insurance adjusters, court filings and other legal matters, allowing clients the time and freedom to focus on their recovery. Our legal team keeps you abreast of each phase in the claims process as we work toward a settlement that covers the totality of your losses.

Types of monetary damages available

A car accident lawsuit or insurance claim can seek compensation for economic damages, which are quantifiable losses you incurred while out of work. These include your out-of-pocket expenses for medical treatment, rehabilitation, and the loss of income during your recovery.

In collisions resulting in catastrophic injuries, where the outlook for returning to work or a normal life has been shattered, the damage award can be much higher to account for the long-term impact on the victim and their family. Those who suffer permanent disabilities from brain trauma, spinal cord injury, or acute burns may lose future earnings– losses that must be accounted for in the settlement or verdict.

The other type of compensation available is non-economic damages. These losses are less tangible, but just as important, and include things like pain and emotional suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and loss of consortium.

Attorney Bart Bernard understands that victims experience both economic and non-economic harms and works tirelessly to place an accurate dollar amount on these losses. Some people are left physically handicapped from vehicle accidents, while others suffer lasting emotional trauma and PTSD, which affects their personal and professional relationships.

Effective legal representation can significantly increase the value of your case, and Bart Bernard Injury Lawyers will fight for every penny you deserve.

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