Houma Truck Accident Lawyers

If your passenger vehicle has collided with a semi-truck, you’ll need the professional experience of a truck accident attorney. You CAN NOT go it alone. Well-insured trucking firms are backed by unscrupulous insurance adjusters and well-heeled defense law firms who will stop at nothing to pin the blame on you, reduce your claim, and pay you a quick and paltry settlement that will not cover costs associated with serious, long-term injuries.

The Bart Bernard team of Houma personal injury lawyers have a longstanding history of victory. We’ve secured multiple multi-million-dollar verdicts on behalf of truck accident victims in Louisiana. Our Lafayette law office is conveniently located less than two hours northwest of Houma, via Highway 90. 

What To Expect After A Truck Accident

It won’t be long before a trucking company representative or insurance adjuster contacts you. They may ask you to sign a release that waives your right to sue. Remember, these people calling are not your friends! They may promise a “quick settlement” and profess to be acting in your best interest, but their job is to maintain profitability.

By contrast, a truck accident lawyer only gets paid if you get paid. If we are not successful in recovering compensation for you, we do not make a single cent. The higher the settlement or jury award, the more we make, since legal fees are based on a small percentage of the total. Therefore, it is in both of our interests to fully investigate the costs associated with your injuries and secure the maximum amount of recovery allowed by Louisiana law.

How Are Truck Accidents Different Than Car Accidents?

There are plenty of “car accident law firms” in Louisiana, but you want to find one that specializes in “truck accidents” as well since there are many subtle nuances to this type of claim that could affect your compensation.

  • Trucks carry more insurance. A bigger insurance policy means the insurance adjusters will come out with guns blazing to protect their assets and minimize your claim. Louisiana’s comparative liability laws allow insurers to reduce the total amount payable to you if it is deemed you are somewhat at fault. This is a battle you do not want to fight alone or with an inexperienced attorney.
  • Trucks are regulated by law. More than 100 regulations apply to trucking firms, including the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration mandates on trucker logbooks, annual inspections, special driver’s licenses, hours worked, breaks taken, driver qualifications, and truck maintenance.
  • Truck accident injuries are more severe. If you’ve fully recovered from your injuries, it’s easy enough to tally up the medical bills and lost wages you’ve sustained and seek the appropriate recompense. However, if your injuries are ongoing and future damages must be calculated, there is much more room for haggling. We call in top economic experts and medical professionals to fight for a greater recovery that affords you the best possible rehabilitation and living wages going forward.

Learn What Really Happened That Fateful Day

One of the most valuable services performed by our Houma personal injury lawyers is that of investigation. We leave no stone unturned in uncovering what happened in those moments before the accident. Through surveillance cameras, eyewitness statements, accident reconstructionist testimony, black box recorders, police reports, depositions, and subpoenaed documents, we will find where liability lies.

We will find out the truth. Sometimes it’s the missing pieces of the puzzle that provide you with the closure you need to move past fear and uncertainty and onto recovery. Contact The People’s Trial Lawyer™ for the answers and the compensation you deserve.