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With the increased use of home delivery services and big logistics companies, such as UPS, more and more passenger vehicles are forced to share the highway with large commercial trucks. The highways of Jennings are no different.

No matter the speed, a collision between a 10,000-lb+ commercial truck and a smaller, passenger vehicle can have devastating results, causing bodily harm or damage to personal property. It can happen without warning, and for some, it can be life-changing.

Beyond rehabilitation for sustained injuries, emotional and financial stresses can be overwhelming for you or your loved ones. Stacks of medical bills, potential loss of work or wages, and uncertainty about the future are very real concerns for many families. Though no amount of money will diminish your suffering, a seasoned professional can help to lessen the financial burdens associated with the accident. A Jennings truck accident attorney from Bart Bernard Injury Lawyers can Get It Done Right™.

Types of losses and potential compensation

If a semi-truck accident in Jennings has impacted you or a loved one, you may be entitled to compensation, for both economic and non-economic losses. Economic loss could include past, present, and future expenses related to the accident, such as medical bills, loss of income or diminished future earning capacity, and in the most extreme cases, funeral and other associated costs.

Non-economic loss refers to emotional suffering or distress as a result of the accident. This could include disfigurement or scarring, among other psychological and physical ailments that can impact you in the present or the future. The severity of the injury and the cost of treatments are significant factors in reasonable compensation. Typically, injuries involving the spinal cord, brain damage, loss of limb, or paralysis, among others, have higher disbursements.

Determining liability

When it comes to identifying the root causes of an accident, especially those involving large commercial vehicles, it can be complex. Many factors can contribute to a collision; anything from a distracted or fatigued driver, to improper road care, lack of vehicle maintenance, or any combination of the above.

Trying to determine liability is complicated, but our seasoned professionals know how to navigate this process. The Bart Bernard team of Jennings personal injury lawyers can investigate and pursue justice on behalf of you and your loved ones.

Dealing with insurance companies

Every detail counts if you decide to pursue a claim against a driver or trucking company. Often backed by large insurance companies that don’t want to settle, it can be an aggressive battle to get the compensation you deserve. You can be sure that immediately following a collision; trucking companies will have their insurance firms there to collect and gather evidence that same day. Therefore, you must be as proactive as well. A Jennings truck accident lawyer is standing by ready to help.

In addition, the state of Louisiana has a one-year statute of limitations for all motor vehicle accidents. If you don’t file a claim within one year from the date of the accident– regardless of your situation– you will lose any rights to potential compensation.

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