When should you get a lawyer for a car accident?

No one plans for a car accident to happen, and when it does, people often prefer to get everything settled as quickly as possible. But sometimes, accepting the first settlement offer from the insurance company is not in your best interests. Sometimes, it’s best to take things a little slower and contact a Lafayette personal injury lawyer— a professional who handles car accident claims can review the specifics of your case, explain your rights to you, and offer guidance on your options for legal recourse.

After an accident in Louisiana, you can contact Bart Bernard Injury Lawyers at any time. Even if you aren’t sure whether you need to hire a lawyer or whether you have the basis for a personal injury lawsuit, you can always get in touch with our office to request free legal guidance. Our Lafayette car accident attorneys are always available.

When you have sustained injuries

Not every car accident causes injuries. But sometimes, even accidents at very low speeds can cause chronic pain that can linger for months. This is especially true of rear-impact accidents, as these are most likely to cause whiplash. Whiplash, or neck pain, stiffness, and neurological symptoms like headaches, can sometimes become a chronic injury that requires ongoing medical treatment.

It can be difficult to cope with the cost of ongoing medical care if you haven’t received a fair settlement from the insurance company or if you didn’t file a lawsuit. If you experience any symptoms after an accident, seek medical care right away, and then contact Bart Bernard Injury Lawyers.

When property damage is involved

It’s also a good idea to involve a lawyer in your case if significant property damage is involved. Car accidents often result in the total loss of a vehicle. In this situation, the insurance company will refuse to pay for the repairs. It’s in your best interest to contact a car accident attorney to ensure you receive every penny you’re owed. You should also contact a lawyer if you incurred significant expenses for damaged personal property that was inside your car at the time of the crash.

When fault for the accident is disputed

Louisiana follows a fault-based system for traffic accident cases. In simple terms, a fault-based system means that one of the parties involved with the accident will be found at fault for the crash. The at-fault party will be responsible for the medical expenses, property damage, and other costs stemming from the accident. Their insurance company will pay up to the policy limits.

Since fault is critically important for car accident cases in Louisiana, it’s not unheard of for an insurance carrier to place blame on whoever they’re not insuring. If you’ve been accused of causing the accident, you need to contact a car accident lawyer right away. They will collect all available evidence and interview witnesses to fight back against this.

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