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Truck accidents are among the deadliest form of motor vehicle crashes. Those who survive such collisions are often disabled for the rest of their lives, with physical, neurological, or psychological symptoms. If you have survived this, you are now going through a long and difficult rehabilitation. You know that life is never going to be the same but are not sure where to turn. Fortunately, if the accident resulted from another party’s recklessness or negligence, there is help available.

A  Laplace truck accident attorney at Bart Bernard Injury Lawyers can help you receive the maximum compensation. We fight aggressively for our clients, so those responsible for their injuries are held accountable.

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Truck accident injuries

Truck accident injuries are often catastrophic– the person’s life is forever altered. Those suffering from these injuries involving the brain or the spine are disabled permanently and may never work again. They may lose the ability to live independently and require special equipment for everyday living. Of course, the lives of the victim’s family members are also changed.

Truck accident causes

Truck accidents generally result from the driver’s negligence or by another party. For example, if a cargo company did not secure the freight correctly, the truck might roll over. The unsecured cargo could spill all over the roadway– wreaking havoc in its wake. Tire blowouts and brake failures are common mechanical causes of truck accidents, and lack of proper maintenance or defective products may lead to these situations. It is vital that an attorney perform a thorough investigation to determine which parties may prove liable.

When the truck driver is primarily at fault, truck accident causes include:

  • Driving under the influence
  • Fatigue
  • Distracted driving
  • Speeding

There are also crashes in which a government entity may bear responsibility. If a truck accident occurs because of poorly maintained roads, broken guardrails, or other circumstances, the government agency in charge of the road may bear liability.

Why acting immediately is critical

Every state has a statute of limitations for personal injury claims, a fixed period after which the courts would not consider such a lawsuit. In Louisiana, that statute of limitations is exceptionally short, at just one year from the accident date.

Because of the severity of many truck accident injuries, the injured party may succumb. The personal representative of the estate has just one year from the death date in which to file a wrongful death action.

Truck accident investigations are complicated. The sooner an attorney can start working on your case, the sooner you may receive justice.

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