Marrero Bus Accident Lawyers

Marrero is one of Louisiana’s most celebrated communities. With magnificent architecture and a culture that stretches back centuries, we’re a beacon of hope and heritage throughout the New Orleans area.

Marrero is doubly blessed to have access to a modern public bus system that carries our residents safely across the city. But no form of transportation is foolproof. All too often, innocent people find themselves the victims of bus-related accidents.

No two accidents are identical. But, when it happens, the cause can usually be traced back to one or more of the following problems:

  • Unsafe buses: Passenger cars are not the only vehicles that are subject to safety recalls. Commercial vehicles like buses are just as likely to develop serious problems, due either to design flaws or oversights at the manufacturing facility.
  • Distracted drivers: This is a growing hazard in today’s media-saturated society. Smartphones, billboards, stereos, and other electronic devices compete for our attention. It’s all too easy to look away at the worst possible moment, with disastrous results.
  • Drowsiness or substance abuse: Being a bus driver is not an easy job. It puts constant demands on the person’s mind, nerves, and reflexes. These challenges become especially difficult to manage when drugs, sleep deprivation, or alcohol abuse come into the picture.
  • Blind spots: A modern city bus has numerous structural components that can impair the driver’s range of vision.  Drivers are supposed to compensate for these blind spots by leaning forward or by using their mirrors. But physical limitations or simple negligence can get in the way.
  • Fire hazards: Most city buses run on combustible fuel like gasoline, which poses a constant ignition risk. But even electric-powered buses can burst into flames due to excessive heat or other factors. When they do, noxious smoke or flames can turn an ordinary bus trip into a serious hazard.
  • Worn or underinflated tires: Maintenance crews are supposed to check for these problems on a routine basis. But sometimes, they rush through this task or miss crucial warning signs.
  • Other vehicles: Occasionally the cause of a bus accident is not the driver of the bus at all, but a negligent or irresponsible motorist who fails to exercise proper caution.
  •  Misrouted buses: Bus drivers should follow the routes laid out by them by transportation officials. But sometimes a breakdown in communication leads to a serious situation for passengers or other members of the public.

Talking to a bus accident attorney is an essential step after a bus-related accident. Failing to do so can ruin your chances of getting fair compensation for your pain, injuries, and suffering.

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