Marrero Personal Injury Lawyers

A personal injury can cause physical pain and financial loss, but skilled Marrero personal injury lawyers can help you protect your rights and and ensure that you receive full compensation. Bart Bernard Injury Lawyers is committed to fighting for full compensation so you can focus on getting back on track.

What does it cost to hire a personal injury lawyer?

There are many payment structures adopted by attorneys but in personal injury, a common one is referred to as a “contingency fee”. This means that the lawyer’s fee is contingent upon your receiving a settlement or favorable verdict- the attorney only gets paid, if you get paid for your claim. The lawyer is motivated to give you the greatest representation possible and maximize the value of your case, and in return, the lawyer’s fee is an agreed-upon percentage of the amount that you are awarded.

Attorney fees are not the only costs involved in a lawsuit. There will also be court filing fees, expert witness fees, costs to copy records, and other costs. Different offices handle these in different ways. There may also be outstanding medical liens by healthcare providers or insurance companies and your attorney will need to pay (either at face value or at a lower negotiated price) after receiving your settlement. Be sure to discuss with your attorney how these funds will be handled and how these costs would affect the amount you receive.

How a personal injury lawyer adds value

Every case is different but having the help of a personal injury lawyer would be beneficial for any accident victim. If you were involved in an accident with very minimal injury as well as unfavorable factors like extensive pre-existing conditions, it’s still important to contact a personal injury lawyer for a free consultation. However, if your injuries are substantial then contacting one of our experienced attorneys at Bart Bernard Injury Lawyers is the right move.

According to the insurance industry’s own research, a personal injury attorney adds more value to compensate for a contingency fee. According to a 1999 study by the Insurance Research Council, in car accident cases where an attorney negotiated the claim, the client received a settlement 3.5 times higher than in claims where the injured party negotiated alone.

Marrero personal injury lawyers can add value by strengthening your case at each stage of the process. Beginning with the investigation, and continuing through negotiation, strategy development, and the trial, your attorney will put his experience to work to increase the value of your settlement. Your attorney can put years of experience to work for you to help you understand whether you are better off accepting an early settlement offer or holding out to more fully develop your case.

Get help with your LA personal injury claim

You have one chance to maximize your claim You’re Smart. Get Bart™ with a personal injury attorney  at Bart Bernard Injury Lawyers. A consultation is always free, so it costs you nothing to find out more about pursuing a claim.