Morgan City Bus Accident Lawyers

Morgan City’s motto is “right in the middle of everywhere.” The phrase aptly describes the rich opportunities our community offers for shopping, socializing, dining, or simply relaxing.

These activities require a safe, reliable means of transportation. That’s where our city’s bus system comes into the picture. But sometimes they can pose serious dangers, not only to passengers but to pedestrians and motorists as well. The following facts paint a troubling picture:

  • Bus accidents killed 250 people and injured 20,000 according to the last available study.
  • Bus accidents can occur anytime and anywhere, even when a skilled, experienced operator is driving the bus.
  • Research indicates that traveling by bus is at least as risky as traveling by car, despite popular misperceptions.
  • The current robust economy means that many bus drivers are relatively young, unskilled, or otherwise unprepared for the responsibilities the job entails.
  • The sheer size and weight of a public bus present a serious potential hazard to public safety. Every time a bus hits the streets, innocent people are at risk of suffering serious injuries or even worse.

Bus-related accidents can wreak havoc with innocent people’s health and wellbeing.

At the same time, bus companies and the firms that insure them are large, influential organizations with plenty of power at their fingertips. Dealing with them on an equal footing takes the kind of skill and experience that only a bus accident attorney can provide.

But how do you choose from the many Morgan City bus accident lawyers available? Three things to look for are the right experience, approach, and attitude. Let’s take a closer look at each.

Experience makes all the difference

Not every attorney has what it takes to be a capable bus accident lawyer in Louisiana. Look for a firm led by a seasoned legal professional. For example, Bart Bernard has been practicing personal injury law here in the Pelican State for more than 20 years. That kind of history speaks volumes about his ability to help you get the compensation you deserve.

The right approach is essential

We know how to stand up to powerful opposition. We know when to negotiate, when to strike a deal and when to go to court. This takes more than legal knowledge. It takes a keen understanding of human nature, the kind that Bart Bernard has gained during his more than two decades of practicing law.

Putting the client first every time

As an accident victim, you deserve compassion and consideration. That’s why you should insist on a law firm that treats you like a human being, not a case number. It’s also important to choose a firm that offers free consultations and takes cases on consignment. After all, the last thing you need right now is a huge legal bill to worry about.

Bart Bernard Injury Lawyers offer the above as a matter of policy. This fact, along with experience and abilities, makes his firm the number one choice for thousands of Louisianans who have suffered serious injuries.

Find out for yourself what we mean by contacting our office today.

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