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A serious car accident can put you out of work for a long time, perhaps permanently. There is no money coming in and the bills keep piling up. You need help, and we can provide it. Contact a Morgan City car accident lawyer at Bart Bernard Injury Lawyers. We work hard to protect your rights and hold the parties responsible for your injuries liable. Hit Hard with Bart Bernard™ 

What to Do After a Car Accident

After a car accident, the first thing to do is determine if you or anyone else in the crash is injured. Call 911 immediately. Even though the scene is chaotic, try to preserve as much evidence relating to the accident as possible. Any evidence you collect will help your claim and assist your Morgan City personal injury lawyers in their investigation. 

Use Your Cellphone

If possible, use your smartphone to collect much of this evidence via videos and photos by recording and documenting the accident scene; the condition of the vehicles, the license plate numbers, any skid marks on the roadway, or any other unusual aspects of the road’s appearance, such as potholes or substantive cracks in the pavement. Also, video any injuries suffered by those involved in the accident. If the person who struck your vehicle looks like he or she is under the influence, record their behavior.

Get the name, address, phone number, driver’s license number and insurance information of the other driver. Speak to any witnesses and obtain their names and contact information. You can record a statement of what they saw. If the accident occurred near buildings, find out as soon as possible whether there are surveillance cameras and if these devices caught the collision itself on video. Record your own recollection of the event on your smartphone or write them down.  

Seek Medical Attention

It is important to immediately seek medical attention even if your injuries appear to be minimal. The adrenaline pumping through your system can mask pain for a while. Not all injuries appear immediately, and it is crucial to have medical evidence for your claim. Waiting too long to seek medical attention after a car accident can mean the other driver’s insurance company might claim your injuries did not result from the crash.  

Save all injury-related records, such as physician and medication receipts, as well as costs incurred going to the doctor. If you had to take time off work for recovery or to visit a healthcare provider, keep all these records.

What Not to Do After a Car Accident

Never agree to an insurance settlement with the other driver’s company without consulting experienced Morgan City personal injury lawyers. The insurance company’s goal is to pay as little as possible. Experienced car accident attorneys know the fair value for your situation.

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