New Iberia Bus Accident Lawyers

As sweet as a sugar cane harvest, life in New Iberia has its charms. One of the best things about our community is our access to regular bus service, which connects us not only to the parish but the rest of the country as well.

But traveling by bus can quickly turn into a nightmare when these massive vehicles cause an accident. The most common reasons for this include drowsy or inattentive drivers, sub-standard maintenance, defective designs, and poorly planned routes.

The solution is to talk to a Louisiana bus accident attorney as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the less chance you have of receiving the compensation you need and deserve.

The clock is always ticking on a personal injury case

They say that time heals all wounds. In some ways, this is true. But in other ways, the clock can make things worse for bus accident victims. Here’s why:

  • Evidence degrades or disappears: Many people think of attorneys as masters of courtroom rhetoric. In reality, their profession is all about facts, not figures of speech. But facts become harder to find as time goes on. Witnesses forget, accident scenes are cleaned up, and rain washes away key bits of evidence.
  • Other things take priority: It seems that every day we hear about some new tragedy. But how many of these stories remain fresh in people’s minds over the long term? Few, if any. This means the time to seek justice is now, not later.
  • The other side is counting on the clock running out: One regrettable tactic used by some insurers or other liable parties is to wait for things to blow over. By putting off your search for a bus accident lawyer, you help these people to evade their responsibilities, leaving you to pay the price.

What to look for in New Iberia bus accident lawyers

The next step is to find the right law firm to handle your case. For many Louisiana residents, this comes down to one name: Bart Bernard Injury Lawyers. Here’s why:

  • Bart has the scope: Bart’s legal career spans more than two decades. With a history like that, you know he’s doing something right.
  • Bart has the skills: Bart has made personal injury law his focus, including cases related to bus accidents.This gives him the know-how needed to represent you effectively.
  • Bart has the savvy: Bart’s expansive legal knowledge is backed by his intricate understanding of how the legal process works. A tough yet cordial negotiator, he knows when to make a deal and when to go to court. He’ll be your fervent advocate throughout the process, not only with insurance companies but, if needed, with creditors.

Contact them today to arrange your no-cost consultation. You’ll soon be well on your way to a brighter tomorrow. We look forward to speaking with you.