Opelousas Car Accident Lawyers

Whether you are traveling on one of the historic city streets of Opelousas or Interstate 49, a car crash can cause traumatizing and long-lasting effects. Opelousas personal injury lawyers help injury victims fight for the compensation needed for both the immediate and long-term impacts of an accident and to ensure their comprehensive losses are reimbursed.

Physical Effects

It takes a lot of energy to move a vehicle. When you are involved in a crash, that energy can transfer to your body, which is not capable of absorbing it without some damage. The physical energy transferred to the body can cause a range of effects – some immediate and some long-term.

Immediate effects can include breaks, sprains, back injuries, lacerations, and other instantly apparent injuries. However, many injuries like traumatic brain injuries, neck injuries, and other soft tissue damage, might not be noticeable for days or weeks because they cause more pain and complications as swelling develops over time. A prompt medical evaluation is important to help you discover these injuries earlier.

Whether the injury is immediately apparent or becomes more obvious over time, your recovery time may be relatively quick, or you may never fully recover even after years of treatment.

Injuries that result in paralysis, amputations, or mental disabilities, for example, can lead to both physical and financial limitations for the rest of your life. Opelousas car accident lawyers focus on determining the full scope of an injury to ensure that any settlement or award includes any applicable future treatment or pain and suffering.

Emotional Effects

Though not as easy to spot as physical injuries, emotional injuries can take a serious toll on those who have suffered in an accident. From emotional distress to anxiety, depression, and even sexual dysfunction, post-crash emotional disturbance can manifest in different ways for each person.

According to a British study, at least one out of three people involved in nonfatal crashes suffer psychological effects a year after the accident. The effects included post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, phobias, and persistent anxiety. The study debunked the misconception that only very serious accidents can result in significant mental distress.

Emotional disturbance is eligible for compensation after an auto accident. It is important to work with a car accident lawyer who understands how to prove the effects and the compensation value of immediate and long-term psychological injuries.

Hit Hard with Bart Bernard™

When it comes to fighting for maximum compensation after an accident, you only get one shot. Once your claim is settled, or the verdict is in, you will not have the opportunity to re-negotiate even if the injuries turn out worse than they originally appeared.

At Bart Bernard Injury Lawyers, we understand the long-term physical and emotional effects of an accident because our team focuses on representing the rights of injury victims. Bart Bernard fights for full compensation to make clients whole – including what is needed to compensate for future damages.

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