Opelousas Personal Injury Lawyers

In addition to being the spice capital of the world, Opelousas is home to many manufacturing, oil production, agricultural, wholesale, and warehousing companies. These businesses create a vibrant environment that draws residents into the area. The City’s relatively high population density, however, increases the chances of accidents and injuries from car and motorcycle collisions and workplace mishaps.

Opelousas residents and others throughout St. Landry parish should retain a personal injury lawyer when they have been injured in an accident as a result of someone else’s negligence. We represent clients who have suffered injuries in motor vehicle and maritime accidents, and workplace and construction incidents. We also take on manufacturers of dangerous pharmaceuticals and defective products who place a priority on their own profits over the safety of the people who buy and use those products. Bart Bernard will make sure that you Get it Done Right™ when deep-pocket corporations and insurers try to cheat you out of the compensation that you deserve. Our Opelousas team is here to help you.

Bart Bernard Puts His Firm’s Resources and Experience to Work for You

Since 1997, our clients have Hit Hard with Bart Bernard™, relying on our legal skills and on our understanding of the Louisiana work ethic to challenge the large businesses and insurance companies that would rather pay a pittance for their injuries.

Bart Bernard has great respect for and a personal connection to the people of Opelousas. He makes his home in Lafayette, and in his twenty years of representing the interests of injured individuals in St. Landry parish, he has recovered millions of dollars in damages from negligent parties that do not share his connection to the community.

Contact Bart Bernard for a Complimentary Analysis of Your Case

Bart Bernard maintains several offices in southern Louisiana to meet you at your convenience. Our initial consultations are always free of charge. If you retain our firm and we agree to take your case, you will always receive the quick and personal attention that you deserve from an attentive personal injury attorney who work tirelessly to get you the largest available damages award as quickly as is possible.

The insurance companies that represent negligent parties have their own teams of lawyers who will urge you to accept a low settlement offer, if they offer anything at all, and who will try to dissuade you from retaining your own personal injury lawyer. Before you accept their first offer, you can Click Bart First, Call Bart First™ for a free overview of the total amount of damages that you could recover. In almost every case, Bart Bernard will help you to win damages for your current and future medical bills, your lost wages and lost earning power, your pain and suffering, and other losses and injuries that the insurers would rather ignore.

You can call our offices at any time of day or night, including in weekends and holidays. We will give your case the full amount of our attention and we will not rest until we are confident that we have gotten you the largest damages award possible from any negligent parties.