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Amputee man seated with legs crossed, detailIn the United States, nearly two million Americans have lost a limb due to surgical or traumatic amputation. Such injury can have a detrimental impact on your daily life, ability to earn a living and self-esteem. Bart Bernard advocates for victims of amputation, offering personalized representation to those whose lives have been upended by the traumatic loss of a limb, finger, foot or other body part.

Amputations are not always caused by disease, infection or malpractice. In fact, accidents are the number one cause of surgical amputations in people over the age of 50. Serious injuries requiring amputation often entail workplace accidents involving malfunctioning machinery or equipment, motorcycle and vehicle accidents, falls from heights, as well as firework and explosive accidents.

The loss of a limb due to an on-the-job injury or a motor vehicle accident demands the skills of an accomplished amputation lawyer.

Louisiana amputation lawyer

Although life as you know it will invariably change following an amputation, you still have many reasons to remain hopeful. Bart Bernard is a skilled amputation injury lawyer who strives to make a positive difference in the lives of his clients, helping them recover, adjust to new lifestyle modifications and move forward with optimism and confidence. If the negligent or reckless actions of another party caused a loss of limb, Bart Bernard can help you pursue the financial security needed to focus on your health and wellbeing.

Statistics on traumatic amputation

Traumatic amputation is defined as the loss of a body part (arm, leg, finger or toe) that occurs as a result of an injury or accident.

  • One in every 200 adults in the U.S. has had an amputation
  • An estimated 30, 000 traumatic amputations occur in the United States every year
  • 70 percent of all traumatic amputations involve the upper limbs or extremities
  • People between the ages of 15 and 40 have the highest rate of traumatic amputation
  • 80 percent of all amputation victims are men
  • Partial hand amputation (with the loss or 1 or more fingers) is the most common amputation, followed by the loss of an arm
  • Traffic accidents involving trains, motorcycles and bicycles are the leading cause of traumatic amputation

Whether caused by a car crash or a defective piece of machinery, the loss of a body part carries lasting ramifications that not only affect the victim physically, but emotionally and financially as well.

Amputation settlements

“How much is my amputation case worth?” is a commonly asked question here at our Louisiana law firm. A variety of factors will determine the amount of damages secured for a loss of limb or a digit. Traumatic hand injuries that result in full or partial finger amputation are usually labeled a permanent “partial disability” that may render victims unable to perform their previous employment duties. Many of these finger amputation cases involve construction tools, knives, workplace equipment or even household appliances and machinery such as lawnmowers. Beyond medical expenses incurred, finger amputation settlements take into account which digit was removed, if the loss will impair function or use of the hand, pain and suffering, as well as loss of quality of life because of the accident.

If a finger amputation prevents victims from working in the same profession or capacity as they did before the accident, there is also a claim for diminished earning capacity. For instance, a surgeon or an orchestra musician will likely recover a higher partial finger amputation settlement than someone who does not use their hands for precise, delicate work on a daily basis.

The amount of monetary compensation awarded in an amputation settlement or verdict will factor in:

  • Type and severity of injury: was it a full or partial loss of limb or digit
  • Age of the plaintiff: younger victims tend to recover larger payouts
  • Past and future hospital and medical bills
  • Permanent disfigurement
  • Lost income
  • Future loss of earnings
  • Emotional distress including depression, anxiety and PTSD
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

Because every amputation case has unique circumstances and long-term consequences, it is impossible to predict how much money you are owed without a thorough consultation and investigation. When assessing the actual value of your claim, Bart Bernard works with medical and financial experts to factor in costs for prosthetics, future occupational therapy, surgeries, in-home modifications and any other additional costs. It is our goal to fight for full compensation and hold negligent parties accountable for their wrongdoing.

If you or someone you love suffered the loss of a limb or a finger, amputation lawyer Bart Bernard is here to answer your questions and explain your rights to legal compensation.

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Attorney Bart Bernard works tirelessly to obtain the best possible outcome for his clients. There are plenty of amputation lawyers who promise big results, but few have the distinguished track record and in-house resources offered by award-winning trial lawyer Bart Bernard. A veteran personal injury attorney with more than two decades of experience litigating catastrophic injury cases, Bart collaborates with top-notch experts to gather evidence, present winning arguments and get the highest amputation settlement on your behalf.

Contact our Baton Rouge or Lafayette offices to arrange a complimentary case review today. We advocate for injury victims throughout Southern Louisiana and aggressively pursue maximum compensation.

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