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Filing a Storm Claim in LA

Bart Bernard is a highly skilled, experienced personal injury, property damage, and claims attorney practicing in Lake Charles, Morgan City, Baton Rouge and Lafayette, Louisiana. He has recovered millions of dollars and will help you navigate the maze of insurance and injury claims in the wake of a traumatic event.

Insurance companies are notorious for putting up a fight to avoid paying what they’re supposed to! Don’t let them jerk you around. Call Bart Barnard to turn up the heat on these unscrupulous companies who promise to have your best interests at heart, but fail to live up to their end of the bargain after you’ve suffered devastating losses It costs you nothing to call and have your questions answered.

What damages are usually covered?

Hurricane damages typically include, but are not limited to, the following – Structural Damage, Walls, Doors, Windows, Roof, Swimming Pool, Motor Vehicles, Electronics, Appliances and other Contents.

  • Flooding:  Damage to walls, doors, fences, carpets, and many other contents. Cars and other motor vehicles are particularly difficult to protect. Related damages include mold and mildew.
  • High winds: – Roof damage and lifting or complete removal, pulling on doors, sliding doors, garage doors, lifting of swimming pools, etc. The other major issue is high winds create flying debris.
  • Flying debris – In addition to high winds, the flying debris the winds carry lead to broken windows, damaged doors, contents, automobile damage, etc.
  • Damage to the Structure – Patios, fences, windows, etc. In addition, your house can suffer impacts from flying objects.

What should I do if I was impacted by Hurricane Laura, or another storm?

During hard times it is often difficult to know exactly what to do or where to start, but it is very important to protect yourself, your property and your rights. This can help prevent insurance companies from denying claims, citing additional damage after the fact.

Documentation: Collect proof of your damages by taking photos and videos of your home and contents. Make a list of the damages, as well, to provide evidence and make it easier to remember everything.

Reinforce Damaged Areas:. Limit additional damages by reinforcing doors and windows, clearing debris, and boarding up windows.

Contact Bart Bernard to Review Your Policy: By assessing your damages with your lawyer, he or she can evaluate your claim and help you understand your legal options. This can help put you at ease that an experienced team is behind you, helping fight for your right to maximum compensation.

For a free legal consultation with a claims lawyer, here, in south Louisiana, call 900-9000.

What if my business was damaged?

Bart Bernard has experienced lawyers on staff – ready to help you with your business insurance claims, as well.  We can evaluate your situation to see if you qualify for business interruption . Call us today for a free business insurance policy review to assess your legal options.

If you have experienced any of the above damage due to a storm or hurricane, or any other unlisted loss, message us now or Call 900-9000 to find the best hurricane claims lawyer to represent you.

What if my claim was denied?

If you have submitted a claim for your damages and your insurance company has denied it or is not offering you fair compensation for your damages, let’s take a closer look. Bart Bernard can help you review your policy and understand your legal options with a free case consultation and see if you have any other options. Call now at 900-9000.

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Filing a claim for hurricane or storm damages.

If you have experienced damage or loss as a result of a storm or hurricane, call Bart Bernard at 900-9000. Our experienced residential and commercial hurricane claims attorneys can help you navigate your policy and negotiations with your insurance company. We can handle your claim and ensure you receive maximum compensation for your damages. To learn more about what legal options you might have or to get started, call Bart Bernard.

Take these steps following an accident to seek compensation for property damage:

  • Notify your insurance company to investigate liability and seek reimbursement from the other party.
  • Take your vehicle to a collision repair shop to receive assessment of damage and an estimate of repair costs.
  • Send the insurance company the repair estimate by certified mail. Ask to be notified upon receipt.

You will not be charged for my services unless I win your lawsuit.  An attorney will take a closer look at the known facts surrounding your issues to determine if you have received due justice as allowed by Louisiana law.

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