Rayne Truck Accident Lawyers

Rayne is more than a great small town. It’s also home to amazing artists— like the ones who paint the beautiful murals we see every day. But even the best communities are vulnerable to unexpected misfortunes like truck accidents.

If you’re suffering due to a trucking-related injury, then we urge you to contact a truck accident lawyer as soon as possible. Putting it off can rob you of the compensation you deserve when you need it the most. Contact the Bart Bernard team of Rayne personal injury lawyers if you are ready to fight for your rights.

Why trucking accidents are so devastating

Any vehicle collision is a serious matter, whether it involves one automobile or 100. But a commercial truck accident can make the consequences even more horrific for its victims. Here’s why:

  • More weight means more impact: A fully loaded commercial vehicle can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds, sometimes more if the trailer is overloaded.  This is more than 20 times the weight of a normal passenger car or truck.
  • Commercial trucks can carry dangerous materials: You can see this for yourself, simply by noticing the placards attached to a typical tractor-trailer. Many trucks carry industrial chemicals, agricultural poisons, high explosives, or even radioactive byproducts.
  • The domino effect is real: When a driver loses control of a large truck, the crash can involve dozens or even hundreds of vehicles. Stories of this type are all too common in today’s world, as congested roads and inattentive drivers make the simple act of driving a risky venture.

By saying these things, we’re not trying to criticize truckers in general. Most of them do the best they can. We’re simply pointing out that the effects of a commercial vehicle accident can be life-altering for the innocent people it touches.

When it’s time to talk to Rayne personal injury lawyers

Some accident victims try to deal with trucking companies and insurers on their own. This is rarely a good idea. The big boys have plenty of money and teams of high-powered legal professionals on their side.

Instead, you should seek the help of a skilled truck accident attorney. These are specially trained professionals who have devoted their lives to seeking a fair deal for people just like you. But how do you choose the right law firm? Here are some helpful guidelines:

  • Look for an attorney with the right credentials: Bart Bernard is a member of the Louisiana Bar and the American Association of Justice (AAJ). Those are the kinds of distinctions that mark a capable law firm.
  • Look for an attorney with the right approach: This means trusting your case to a lawyer who stands up for average folks, not giant corporations. Bart Bernard Injury Lawyers falls into this distinguished group.
  • Look for an attorney with the right track record: Words are one thing, results are another. Bart Bernard Injury Lawyers has recovered millions of dollars for his clients. Can others say the same?

Bart Bernard is the The People’s Trial Lawyer™ with 20+ years of experience representing working people like you. Contact his office today to set up your free consultation.