Shenandoah Truck Accident Lawyers

Truck accidents can happen anywhere, even right here in Shenandoah.  When they do, it’s good to know that a truck accident attorney can help you to put your life back together. The road to recovery starts by contacting Bart Bernard Injury Lawyers today.

A chain reaction of calamity

Thousands of automotive collisions occur each day. Most of them are minor fender benders. But the risks of serious injury and widespread property damage go through the roof when commercial trucks are involved. Here’s why:

  • Big rigs are massive, complicated machines: A single overturned tractor-trailer can straddle multiple lanes, not only bringing traffic to a snarl but causing other vehicles to collide with the obstruction.
  • Big rigs can carry dangerous materials: We tend to think of tractor-trailers as hauling consumer goods or foodstuffs. However, they often transport explosives, poisons, corrosive chemicals, and other potentially hazardous products.
  • Big rigs are difficult to move: Cleaning up after a tractor-trailer accident can take hours, sometimes days. This increases the risk that a serious accident will occur in the meantime.

Complex cases require capable attorneys

Commercial vehicles are typically insured for $1 million or more. This means that transport companies and insurers have big money riding on the outcome of the case– not to mention their reputations.

Unfortunately, this can make them resort to lowball tactics to protect their pocketbooks. Some of the unethical practices we have seen over the years include:

  • Trying to force through a quick settlement: In many cases, this can leave accident victims without the funds they need to pay medical bills, cover lost income, and enjoy the peace of mind they deserve.
  • Threats or intimidation: Big companies sometimes think they can treat average people any way they like. This is why you need a truck accident lawyer who’s willing to stand up for your rights.
  • Delaying or stonewalling: This is intended to wear down accident victims, making them vulnerable to manipulation.

Of course, not every transport company or insurer resorts to these tactics. But they occur often enough to make talking to Shenandoah truck accident lawyers an important part of your post-accident strategy. Here’s what you can expect when you contact us:

  • A free consultation: It will cost you nothing to tell us your story. Why add a big legal bill onto your list of worries?
  • Expert advice: Our Shenandoah truck accident lawyers have years of experience dealing with all aspects of transportation law. Trucking companies know you mean business when you come to us.
  • No out-of-pocket fees ever: If we take your case, we will work on contingency. This means we collect no fees at all unless you win.

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