Slidell Bus Accident Lawyers

In Slidell, school buses play an integral role in helping students get to class on time. Charter and for-hire buses are also a common sight in the city. The high volume of these vehicles on the road comes with a price, however.

Due to the number of buses in the area, collisions are commonplace. These accidents are often far more devastating compared to other crashes. They often dramatically outweigh passenger vehicles they share the road with. This disparity can cause devastating or even fatal injuries to other motorists.

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Responsible parties in a bus accident

One of the first steps a bus accident lawyer should take when reviewing your claim is identifying who is liable. It is easy to assume the bus driver was at fault, and in many accidents, that is the case. However, there might also be other parties who share in the responsibility for a crash.

In many cases, a negligent bus operator will be responsible for an accident. They are not immune to mistakes, especially given how challenging it can be to maneuver this vehicle through traffic. Some common ways a driver could cause a crash include:

  • Speeding
  • Driving recklessly
  • Failing to signal a turn
  • Failing to yield
  • Following too closely
  • Wrong-way driving

In addition to the bus operator, the owner could also be liable for your damages– if the driver was working within the scope of their employment during the crash.  They could face liability if they negligently repaired the bus before its operation.

Some crashes occur due to defective parts. If a bus part fails, it can send the enormous vehicle careening into other motorists and even pedestrians. In many cases, these accidents occur despite the operator operating the vehicle carefully.

Finally, if the bus is publicly owned, you could have the right to bring a suit against the city, state, or county. Keep in mind that the time limit to file suit against government entities is much shorter than against private citizens.

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