Ville Platte Personal Injury Lawyers

Ville Platte personal injury lawyers are valuable friends to have when you’re faced with increasing medical expenses and concerns about the future. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured through little to no fault of your own, liable parties have a legal responsibility to cover your out-of-pocket expenses.

What Type of Cases Personal Injury Lawyers Handle?

You have a legal right to pursue compensation, whether you suffered a slip-and-fall at Wal-Mart, an automobile accident on Highway 167, a dog bite at your neighbor’s house, or a mistake was made during your surgery at Mercy Regional Medical Center.

Reasons to Consider a Personal Injury Lawyer

When you suffer serious injury in Ville Platte, Bart Bernard is the only name you need to know. Since 1997, Bart Bernard has offered local residents top-quality legal representation with no upfront cost and multi-million-dollar results. A personal injury attorney is advisable in circumstances where there are:

  • Serious injuries, including broken bones, organ damage, head injuries, spinal injuries, or loss of limbs.
  • Rising medical expenses and lost time off work, or injuries likely to result in permanent disability.
  • Disputes with the other party as to what happened, who is liable, or what a fair settlement amount is.
  • Property damage costs that far exceed what the other party is offering or willing to pay to replace.
  • Insurance adjusters who are quick or aggressive in pressuring you to accept a settlement offer.
  • Difficulties coming up with filing fees or arranging for childcare/time off work to appear in court. 

Top Mistakes People Make Litigating Their Own Personal Injury Cases

Ville Platte personal injury lawyers may take up to a third of your settlement or jury award for their commission, but you will almost always obtain a much higher amount than you could have secured on your own, which offsets the expense. The complexities of personal injury lawsuits in the paperwork alone deter many people from pursuing litigation unrepresented; but in cases like car accidents or medical malpractice where Louisianans can deal directly with insurance providers, the temptation to DIY can be strong, and many missteps are made:

  • Settling for too little money, before you know all the facts of the full extent of your injuries.
  • Accepting the first offer due to desperation and the desire to settle as quickly as possible.
  • Negotiating from a position of weakness, without knowing the laws and all your legal rights.
  • Signing an unfair agreement that hasn’t been fully combed through, thus waiving certain rights.
  • Failing to provide proper documentation to prove a claim for maximum compensation.

What Do Personal Injury Attorneys Do?

A personal injury attorney is your best friend, from day one. As a knowledgeable local expert, Bart Bernard offers referrals to the most respected doctors, rehabilitation therapists, and medical providers in Ville Platte. He makes sure all police reports, medical documents, interviews, expert statements, witness accounts, and surveillance camera footage make it into his clients’ files. The investigative team he employs is second-to-none. Sometimes the answers clients receive from working with a law firm are the most valuable to a healthy recovery.

Why Bart Bernard?

Bart Bernard is ranked among “America’s Top 100 Attorneys.” The firm’s track record of success in multi-million-dollar verdicts is proof of his successful approach to personal injury law. Not only is Bart Bernard a great lawyer, but he’s a compassionate citizen, too. He actively supports local non-profit initiatives like Miles Perret Cancer Services, the Opelousas Lighthouse Mission, and Lafayette Catholic Services Center’s New Life Center.

Get Representation at No Upfront Cost to You!

At this time, you should be focused on your recovery – not worrying how you’ll pay your medical bills or your attorney. Bart Bernard offers free, no-obligation consultations to anyone in Ville Platte, Louisiana who is considering filing a personal injury lawsuit. Clients pay nothing upfront, and only pay an agreed-upon legal fee upon a successful settlement or jury award. Contact Bart Bernard to explore your legal options as soon as possible in order to file a claim before the statute of limitations expires.