Ville Platte Truck Accident Lawyers

Truck accidents can happen anytime, whether you’re in a big city or a tight-knit community like Ville Platte. You may have done nothing to cause the wreck. Yet you’re still suffering from pain, injuries, and loss of income.

What can you do when you find yourself in this situation? One of the first steps you should take is to seek the help of a qualified truck accident attorney. They can go toe-to-toe with the insurance and transport companies and, if necessary, take the big boys to court.  The Bart Bernard team of Ville Platte personal injury lawyers are standing by ready to fight for you. Be Smart. Get Bart.

What you should do immediately after a truck-related accident

One of the worst things about an accident is that most people never see it coming. You’re going about your business one day when suddenly your whole life turns upside down. What do you do?

It’s impossible to give an exact answer to this question since every accident is unique. However, the following tips are a good start:

  • Stay put if possible: Trying to exit your vehicle after the collision may seem like a good idea. But it’s usually better to stay where you’re at, since moving about may aggravate internal injuries.
  • Check yourself for injuries: Do you feel pain? Is there any bleeding? Are you able to move about freely? How does your head feel? Are you dizzy? Can you think clearly? Is your vision sharp or blurry?
  • Check your passengers (if any): Are they responsive? How do they feel? Do they have any obvious injuries? Encourage them to stay put unless the situation requires exiting the vehicle.
  • Call for help (if you’re able to use your phone): Tell the operator everything you know about the incident, starting with your location. Give as many details about the wreck as you can. This information may prove vital later.
  • Assess the situation: By this, we mean the environment outside your vehicle. Did the wreck occur in a congested location or a rural setting? Are there witnesses nearby who can summon help? What about the truck that collided with your vehicle? Can you spot the license plate number or other identifiers? Is the driver OK or are they injured? Can you read the name of the transport company on the semi?
  • Stay calm: This is an absolute must. Strong emotions will only hinder your ability to deal with the situation.

What do after the dust has cleared

Let’s say that emergency responders have arrived, and you’re either at home or in the hospital recovering. This is a good time to think about contacting a truck accident lawyer.

Trucking companies and insurers will always worry about their interests ahead of your wellbeing. You need our team of Ville Platte personal injury lawyers on your side who know how to deal with big, powerful companies.

Bart Bernard Injury Lawyers have years of experience in representing injury victims like yourself. Contact them today if you need help. You’re Smart. Get Bart.™