What Happens in a Workers’ Comp Case?


A typical workers’ comp case is when someone gets hurt while at work or hurt by an employee while at work. Your basic employee rights through the state and through the workers’ comp system is not like a third-party claim. That’s why we’re always looking for a third-party claim. In a workers’ comp case, there’s a cap on how much money you can make per month. Basically what you get is two-thirds of your average weekly wage, plus your medical bills paid for a certain period of time. The problem becomes the cap.

Let’s say, for instance, somebody’s a high-wage earner and they get hurt at work, well they’re going to cap out at less than they’re making at work. Workers’ comp claims and cases always have problems. That’s why if you’ve been hurt in a car wreck while at work or hurt at work, call me immediately, so that I can evaluate whether or not there’s a third-party claim – someone else who’s responsible – to get payment from other than your employer.


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