When Should Someone Call a Personal Injury Lawyer?


The first thing is, you have to be injured in the accident; you have to be hurt. I tell people if you fell out of a tree and you’re injured, you should go to the hospital. That’s the first consideration. If you are hurt in an accident, my firm handles small accidents, big accidents, big injuries, small injuries. We’ve handled them from $10,000 to $23, 24 million dollar claims. We do everything in the middle. We have the experience to win your cases. We have the resources to fight your cases.

The timing to call me – it’s better to call me immediately after an accident, because the insurance company’s – guess what they’re doing? – they’re working. When an accident happens, 18-wheeler companies have their adjusters out at the scene of the accident. Insurance companies, they’re in the litigation business. Guess what they’re doing? They’re evaluating cases, taking statements immediately. If you wait a week, a month or six months to call me, then they are going to have a lot more information than you have, and they might have enough information to really hurt your case. The answer is don’t talk to anyone after the accident. Call my office immediately, 900-9000.


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