Youngsville Car Accident Lawyers

It’s a beautiful day in Louisiana and you’re cruising down Chemin Metairie Road on your way to pick up something to eat. You’re waiting patiently at a red light when suddenly, the car behind you plows into your rear-end. You’re shaken, your car is undrivable, and you may require a trip to the hospital. The hours and days following an accident can be scary and confusing, but the good news is, the law is designed to protect accident victims just like you. As soon as you are able, contact Youngsville car accident lawyers with Bart Bernard Injury Lawyers. With an experienced and talented car accident lawyer in your corner, you’ll be able to seek compensation for your injuries and more.

Win compensation for your injuries and expenses

If you are hurt in a collision that wasn’t your fault, the responsible driver and/or their insurance company may have to pay damages. Often, if they know they’re at fault, the liable driver’s insurance company may offer a small settlement in the hopes that you will take the quick money and waive your rights to further damages. It may seem fair if they cover your emergency medical bills and car repairs, but what about other current and future expenses that result from the accident? Youngsville car accident lawyers from Bart Bernard Injury Lawyers can help you pursue funds to cover:

  • Missed paychecks from work
  • Decreased future earnings potential
  • Prescriptions
  • Ongoing physical therapy
  • Pain and suffering

Schedule a free consultation today

After your accident, as soon as you are able, contact a car accident attorney at Bart Bernard Injury Lawyers. We offer free consultations with legal professionals to anyone who has been hurt in an accident. The law in Louisiana allows time to file a personal injury lawsuit, but we always prefer to work with our clients as close to day one as possible. We’ll examine the details that led up to your crash, and estimate a fair settlement amount. We can help you figure out exactly what to do every step of the way.

We work on contingency fees

Don’t let a lack of funds keep people from pursuing justice. At Bart Bernard Injury Lawyers, we work solely on contingency fees. This means our payment is contingent on you accepting a settlement or winning damages from a jury. Come in for a free consultation today. If we decide you have a case, we can get to work with our team of experts to start building evidence and creating a legal strategy right away.

Be Smart. Get Bart™.

 At Bart Bernard Injury Lawyers, we treat every client like our most important client. In your hour of need, choose a firm with a proven track record of getting results