Zachary Car Accident Lawyers

The damaging effects of a car accident can take many forms– physical pain, disability, medical bills, lost wages, and financial setbacks, and this is why you need a Zachary car accident lawyer to effectively fight for maximum compensation for your losses.

You have a right to seek compensation under Louisiana law. However, to be successful, you need to be able to prove the required factual and legal elements. When you choose a skilled attorney, he or she will help you every step of the way.

What you need to prove after an accident

In Louisiana, compensation for car accidents is based on liability– the party who was legally at fault is also responsible for the consequences. Proving legal fault generally means establishing:

  • The other party breached a duty to do or not do something (like follow a safety-based traffic law)
  • The breach caused the accident and claimed injuries
  • The damages are related to the accident

Experienced Zachary personal injury lawyers not only know how to build a case to prove these elements but also anticipate and respond to the common defense tactics that insurance companies use to reduce what they pay like:

  • Under-valuing the cost of medical treatment and the compensation due based on non-economic losses like emotional distress and pain and suffering
  • Shifting blame to the claimant, other defendants, or even non-parties
  • Engaging in prolonged litigation fact-finding (called “discovery”) to drag out a case
  • Hiring expert witnesses to attack the claimant’s case

Skilled car accident lawyers know how to handle these tactics and more, positioning you to receive the compensation you are due.

Types of compensation available

All of your reasonably related losses may be eligible for compensation. This includes the most obvious losses, like medical expenses, lost income for time away from work during recovery, and property damage to your vehicle. However, it can include less obvious ones like loss of consortium, which includes the loss of services, support, and the quality of a relationship.

While the value of some losses is easy to calculate, the intangible damages like loss of consortium or pain and suffering can be more difficult to quantify. Insurance companies like to rely on computer programs and formulas that provide low-ball estimates. An experienced accident attorney, however, will advocate for payment based on the full and fair value of the claim.

Choose the right lawyer

Zachary personal injury lawyers offer the comfort of a small town and the amenities of a big city, including access to top-notch attorneys committed to fighting for the rights of accident victims. Not all lawyers are the same, so be sure to choose an experienced car accident attorney with in-depth experience advocating for the rights of those injured in crashes.

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