Bart Bernard Injury Lawyers Expands!

The Bart Bernard Injury Lawyers is expanding its brand and client reach throughout Louisiana and has hired Eric Richard as the Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer of Louisiana.

“I am thrilled and honored to partner with Bart Bernard and to be entrusted to help grow the firm, expand the brand and execute on optimum client reach and services. Bart Bernard is an expert in his field. It is great to see how clients are treated as family with their best interest in mind. Bart Bernard is all about helping people, reaching out and giving back. This effort is only to maximize on his already impressive success with an aggressive approach to help take The Bart Bernard Injury Lawyers to another level, through many facets, approaches and strategies. Community outreach, involvement and giving back to our communities will remain a top priority. Bart simply cares about people. Bart loves people and is a great lawyer,” says Richard.

Bart Bernard says “Our office is dedicated to providing world class client service and to provide the best legal representation throughout the state of Louisiana. We hire only the best team to work for our clients thus adding Eric to our team was the right decision. We are constantly improving our system and striving for exceptional service. With Eric, he brings a vast knowledge in business and marketing which will not only be a benefit to our clients but also for the future of Bart Bernard Injury Lawyersyers.”

Richard joins the firm with more than 20 years of extensive experience in Brand Marketing, Advertising, Mass Market promotions, Consulting and Business Development, throughout Louisiana. Eric believes in taking aggressive and highly engaged approaches to forward the vision and purpose of an organization.

Bart Bernard is a personal injury attorney who stands by his slogan “I am with you every step of the way” during legal representation. He also has the experience and the vast network of experts to help you build a strong enough case to win. All legal counsel is on a contingency basis only, so you pay nothing except for a small pre-determined fee based on your winnings. Call 900-9000 any time, day or night, for more information on pursuing a legal claim for your personal injury.

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