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Personal Injury Attorney Bart Bernard and his team are committed to protecting the rights of people who are seriously injured by the careless and negligent actions of others. Whether you were hurt on the job, were injured in a car accident, or fell on another person’s property, you can count on Bart Bernard and his legal staff to protect your best interests. After the wrongful death of a loved one or a catastrophic injury, why settle for anything less than one of the leading personal injury law firms?  We are here to help guide you through life’s most challenging hurdles, and fight relentlessly for justice and fair compensation.


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Bart Bernard offers decades of experience successfully handling a wide range personal injury cases throughout the country, and has procured tens of millions in dollars on behalf of his clients. As a veteran personal injury attorney, Bart has first-hand knowledge of the immense emotional, physical and economic hardships victims endure because of someone else’s mistakes or poor judgement.

Personal injury attorney Serving Injured Clients

Since launching his Nationwide practice more than 20 years ago, Bart Bernard has honed his litigation and negotiating skills tremendously, earning him accolades and memberships in the prestigious Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum and the Elite Lawyers of America.

The rights and concerns of his clients, whom he considers family, are at the heart of Bart Bernard’s Nationwide practice. He offers compassionate and results-oriented representation in many areas of personal injury law including:

personal injury

Our Commitment to You

Compassionate Advocacy

We genuinely care about our clients and are committed to understanding your unique needs and concerns.

Experienced Negotiation:

We are skilled negotiators and will work tirelessly to reach a fair settlement with the responsible parties or their insurance companies.

Thorough Investigation

Our legal team will conduct a comprehensive investigation into the accident to determine liability and gather crucial evidence to strengthen your case.

Aggressive Litigation

If a fair settlement cannot be reached, we are prepared to take your case to court and advocate vigorously for your rights in front of a judge and jury.

Experienced Personal Injury Lawyers

We have convenient office locations in both Texas and Louisiana, allowing clients throughout the country easy access to our talented legal team. If you’re looking for a skilled personal injury attorney renowned for personalized service and multi-million dollar recoveries, we invite you to contact Bart Bernard for a complimentary case review.

Our personal injury law firm is well-respected throughout the country, and adversaries know that Bart Bernard never settles a case for less than full and fair compensation. We know the astronomical costs of healing from a serious vehicle or motorcycle crash. Saddled with hospital and rehabilitation bills, victims and their families are often on the verge of losing their homes, their jobs and financial stability.

Whether you suffered whiplash, broken bones, severe burns, or a traumatic brain injury, the recovery process can be a long and arduous journey fraught with significant hardship. Our in-house investigators, medical consultants and life care planners will analyze the circumstances of your accident, putting an accurate dollar figure on your medical costs, anticipated treatment needs, and the impact your injury has had on your quality of life and future earning capacity.

No Fees

Unless We Win

Your Recovery, Our Mission: No Win, No Fee! At Bart Bernard Injury Law, we’ll fight for your compensation on a contingency basis, so you can heal without financial worries.

Frequently Asked


Who is liable in a personal injury case?

In order to win personal injury compensation, your attorney must show that another party’s negligence was the direct cause of your accident and resulting injuries. In legal terms, a defendant is negligent when they breach their duty of care to the plaintiff, or injured party. Examples include when a distracted driver rear-ends another vehicle, or a store owner fails to put up a “wet floor” sign after mopping, causing a customer to slip and fall. Without establishing clear liability, insurance companies will be reluctant to negotiate a settlement, or may deny a claim for damages.

Attorney Bart Bernard has the resources and expertise to uncover the truth, and discover who is really to blame in preventable “accidents” that result in life-shattering injury. If settlement negotiations turn sour, he is fully prepared to argue your case before a judge and jury.

Our legal team excels in handling challenging cases involving auto collisions, negligent employers and property owners and workplace accidents — doing whatever it takes to obtain justice for our clients.

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Louisiana and Texas both impose  strict deadlines, known as statutes of limitation, for filing a personal injury claim, so don’t delay arranging a free consultation with attorney Bart Bernard. We’ve helped clients in Texas and Louisiana get the compensation they deserve. Contact us anytime, toll-free!

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