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Louisiana Boating Accident

Louisiana Boating Accidents

Louisiana Boating Accidents: Why Hiring a Louisiana Boating Accident Lawyer is Essential to Safeguard Your Rights Approximately 11% of the total surface area of Louisiana is composed of water bodies. The state has over 400 miles of coastline. Not only is water Louisiana’s most abundant resource, but it is also

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Shrimping in Morgan City

History of Shrimping in Morgan City

Morgan City is a Louisiana town rooted in tradition. Our biggest event of the year kicks off Labor Day weekend, when this year will mark the Shrimp and Petroleum Festival’s 85th Anniversary. It is the oldest harvest festival in Louisiana and a point of pride that has weathered storm after

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Media Sources of Lafayette

Media Sources of Lafayette, LA

The Acadiana Advocate is a daily newspaper serving the Lafayette and Acadiana region. The publication covers general news, crime, politics, government, education, sports, business, entertainment, food, culture, and features. The Advocate has additional editions in Baton Rouge, Lafayette, and New Orleans.  The Daily Advertiser is a daily newspaper that covers

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Seven Sister Cities of Lafayette

The Seven Sister Cities of Lafayette

Lafayette, Louisiana has seven sister cities. The sister program, introduced by President Eisenhower in 1956, allows cities, counties, and states to link up with the citizens of other countries to promote cultural and commercial ties. Below is a list of Lafayette’s seven sister cities.  Le Cannet is a commune located

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Morgan City Hurricanes

“Morgan City Hurricanes” sounds like a sports team moniker, but this post pertains to the storms that have devastated St. Mary Parish over the years. No one likes to make the news as the target for hurricanes, but for resilient Louisianans, it’s a fact of life. Our area is affected

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Cost of Living in Lafayette, LA

Lafayette is an affordable place to call home. The total cost of living in Lafayette is about four percent lower than the national average. Based on the national average of 100%, Lafayette is 95%. Compared only to other metropolitan areas, Lafayette is considerably more affordable. For example, San Francisco’s cost

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