Haunted Morgan City

History, in Acadiana, exists in the form of books, county records, old photographs, and local legends. However, in Morgan City, history still feels very much alive– in an unsettling way. For years, residents of this small city and the surrounding area have noticed unexplainable phenomena– everything from weird shape-shifting mists, to feelings of being watched, and in some instances, the sighting of ghostly apparitions.

In fact, there were so many accounts of paranormal events that The Travel Channel set up shop to try to get to the bottom of it all. The ensuing series, “The Ghosts of Morgan City,” may have provided some insight into these otherworldly happenings– depending on what you’re willing to believe.

Why is Morgan City Haunted?

Paranormal experts think that ghosts are spirits who cannot or will not transition into the afterlife. Usually, this is because they were killed under violent or tragic circumstances, or because they still have a score to settle.

Purported Morgan City ghosts include Ada Lebouef, the first woman ever executed in Louisiana, a father and daughter who died in a horrendous train accident, and the victims of a quadruple murder that took place in a home that once stood on Lima Street (three of these ghosts are children who allegedly love to play with dolls).

With a history that includes Civil War and yellow fever hospitals where people died in agony, and visits by pirates who lied, cheated, and killed their way into riches, it’s no wonder the Cajun Coast is a paranormal hot spot.

How Do You Solve This Problem?

While there’s no surefire way to rid an area of unwelcome spirits, many paranormal experts believe that any attempt to right the wrongs of the past may give them closure. In the case of Ada Lebouef, exposing her possibly unfair trial may be enough to rid her presence from the area. Other ghosts need to be told, strongly, that it’s OK to leave their suffering and travel to the “other side.”

For particularly nefarious or stubborn spirits, it may not even be possible ever to eradicate their presence; they are just a part of the community like anyone else.

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