How Much Does It Cost to Get a Lawyer After a Truck Accident?

Truck on freewayIn the aftermath of a truck accident, you may find yourself burdened with injuries, medical bills, lost time from work, and, in the tragic case of the loss of a loved one, funeral costs. If the insurance company is dragging its heels or pressuring you to accept a lowball offer, you may also be considering hiring a lawyer. But how much does hiring a lawyer cost?

Lawyers Don’t Always Get Paid Upfront

There is no charge for your first meeting with Louisiana truck accident lawyer Bart Bernard. Bart will discuss the circumstances of your accident, the nature of your injuries and losses, and whether you are eligible to file a lawsuit to seek monetary damages from the liable party or parties.

Bart Bernard works for his clients on a contingency fee basis. “Contingency” means that your lawyer will take a certain previously agreed upon percentage of any compensation you receive as payment, once the case is over. This percentage may include costs incurred during the investigation and litigation of your case.

So, how much does it cost to get a lawyer after a truck accident? When you work with renowned truck accident lawyer Bart Bernard, the answer is nothing. You owe us no money unless we win money damages for you in a settlement or trial verdict.

Don’t Handle the Accident Alone

Truck accidents can result in serious damage to both people and property, and can be complicated to litigate. An experienced truck accident lawyer can make all the difference in the world to the outcome of your lawsuit.

Why? Because several parties and a whole chain of events may have contributed to the crash. The accident may have been caused by the condition of the truck, which may mean that the owner or the maintenance company is on the hook for liability. It could have been caused by the state of the road, which means that the local municipality could be responsible. It could have been caused by improper loading of the truck, which means the loading company could be at fault. It could have been caused by another driver or the driver of the truck itself. The driver may have been operating without sufficient sleep, or he or she could have felt pressured to keep driving despite suffering extreme exhaustion.

Unfortunately, insurance companies sometimes pressure injured parties to accept a low-ball settlement, or even deny a settlement. Attorney Bart Bernard and his team of experts and investigators can help establish who is at fault and build a strong case to help injured parties get fair and full compensation for their losses.

How Bart Bernard Can Help in Louisiana Truck Accidents

Baton Rouge truck accident lawyer Bart Bernard has years of experience helping victims of big rig crashes in Louisiana. He is a member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum and the Multimillion Dollar Advocates Forum, with a strong history of obtaining top results for truck accident victims.

Contact us today to discuss your case. All initial consultations are complimentary. Hit Hard with Bart Bernard™ !

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