Meeting with Your Personal Injury Lawyer: What You Should Bring

If you’re planning on taking legal action against a third party after suffering a personal injury, most reputable law firms offer initial consultations free of charge. Whether your injuries were caused by a reckless motorist or a hazardous work environment, you may be eligible for significant monetary awards if negligence was to blame. Since many victims are unsure about what to expect during this first consultation, we’ve put together a checklist of documents and information to bring.

This first meeting also provides an opportunity to ask questions about your lawyer’s previous experience handling claims similar to your own, prior case results (both court room victories and settlements), as well as projected timelines for the litigation process.

In order to arrive prepared and get answers to all of your legal questions, you’ll need to create a folder containing the following data, which will give your lawyer detailed background on the circumstances of your case.

Personal injury information checklist

In order for your personal injury attorney to begin investigations, you’ll need to have the following data ready:

  • Name and address of ambulance service
  • Name and address of ER
  • Admission and discharge dates for emergency room and hospital treatments
  • Names and addresses of health care professionals who examined you following the injury incident
  • Names and business addresses of doctors, specialists and surgeons who provided any type of medical care or treatment
  • Names and addresses of everyone who was involved in the injury accident
  • Names and contact information of any witnesses to the accident
  • Name and contact information of police/law enforcement who arrived on the scene
  • Name and business address of insurance representative assigned to your accident
  • Names and addresses of individuals who you have spoken to about your injuries
  • Total number of days of missed work (and corresponding dates) due to the accident

Documents needed by your attorney

Include the following documents in your envelope:

  • Copy of police accident report
  • Statements given to law enforcement/insurance regarding the accident
  • Health insurance card, showing medical coverage (includes Medicare/Medicaid and Veteran’s insurance)
  • Copies of emails or letters with your insurance carrier concerning the accident
  • Receipts and bills for all medical care & treatment related to the accident
  • Receipts for all medications prescribed to treat your injuries
  • Proof of lost earnings or wages, i.e. past pay stubs
  • Proof of current car insurance, indicating policy limits and type of coverage purchased
  • Proof of homeowner’s insurance if the incident occurred at home
  • Receipts for any items you’ve had to purchase because of your injuries, including medical devices such as neck braces, crutches, a wheelchair or cane, braces or bandages.
  • Receipts for things you had repaired because of the accident, such as necessary car repairs to have a safe, operating vehicle

Free case review in Lafayette, LA

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