Uber vs. Lyft: Which Is Better?

rideshare uber lyftWherever you’re headed in the Baton Rouge-Lafayette area, you now have increasing transportation options. Ridesharing service Lyft is expanding in Louisiana, offering families a more economical alternative to traditional taxis. Like its competitor Uber, which has been in Baton Rouge for nearly 3 years, Lyft lets you schedule (and pay) for a ride using an app on your computer or smart phone. Both Uber and Lyft apps let you know exactly where your driver is and what time they’ll be arriving. Simply plug in your destination, request a ride, and voila! The apps even let you rate and tip your driver accordingly.

Both Uber and Lyft employ “independent contractors” rather than employees, both charge more during high-demand periods and offer several tiers of service that come with certain privileges. If you’re wondering about quality of service, rates and availability, which is better: Uber or Lyft? Let’s take a look at some important factors.

Pricing is roughly the same

When it comes down to cost comparison, the general consensus is that both Uber and Lyft have similar pricing structures. Sure, an Uber ride may be cheaper in some cities, but there are numerous variables that influence your fare. It will all depend on what kind of vehicle your request, if traffic is heavy, and whether there’s a price surge for peak travel times. When ride share demand is heavy, both companies will raise their fees – Uber as much as 8 times the original rate. Some have argued that Uber raises their fares too much during peak times, giving Lyft a distinct advantage in the budget department.

How much does Lyft cost in New Orleans?

If you’re traveling around New Orleans, Lyft drivers operate under the following fee structure:

  • Base Fare: $1.25 – Cost Per Minute $0.18
  • Cost per mile: .96 cents
  • Cancel Penalty – $5 to $10

Lyft and Uber coverage areas in Louisiana

Uber has a global presence and a much more significant coverage area compared to Lyft, which is available in roughly 350 cities in the country. Although Lyft is gaining traction in Southern Louisiana, Uber has the upper hand when it comes to the sheer number of drivers throughout the state.  Uber also offers a larger range of vehicle types in many locations, such as UberXL and UberBlack.

Can Uber pick you up at MSY?

Can you use Uber at New Orleans airport? Yes, since 2014 travelers have been able to use UberBlack at the New Orleans Louis Armstrong Airport (MSY). More recently, UberX has also been given permission to pick up and drop off travelers at MSY. Note that the New Orleans Aviation Board has levied a $4 per trip surcharge on all rides originating from MSY.

Can I hail Lyft at the New Orleans airport?

Yes, Lyft launched their service at the New Orleans airport in July of last year, providing some healthy competition for Uber. Both ride sharing services are substantially cheaper than airport cabs, costing roughly $33 from MSY to most parish locations.

Lyft and Uber safety concerns

While both ride sharing services have many similarities, Uber – statistically speaking– has had more safety incidents make headlines. From car accidents to violent driver assaults, these issues are somewhat rare, but still something to take into consideration when using Uber or Lyft to get around town.

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