Accidental Gunshot Injuries

Accidental Gunshot Injuries

Negligent gun ownership and use is a significant cause of injuries in the country. 

Accidental gun shootings can severely injure or kill someone. 

In the right hands, guns serve as helpful tools for hunting and a source of protection during a home invasion.

A Johns Hopkins study indicates that firearm-related injuries account for nearly $3 billion in inpatient and emergency care in the U.S. annually. 

Unfortunately, not every individual who has a firearm understands how to properly handle the weapon, which can lead to fatal or catastrophic accidental injuries to others. 

Gunshot injuries include:

· Hearing loss

· Loss of vision

· Facial damage

· Spinal injuries/ paralysis

· Scarring

· Lacerations

· Traumatic brain injuries

· Permanent disability

· Internal bleeding

· Wrongful death

Louisiana is an open-carry state. Louisianans can legally carry a visible firearm without a permit. 

Louisiana prohibits the negligent carrying of a concealed handgun. 

Accidental firearm injuries are four times more common in Texas than in any other state. Houston has the highest rate of gun-related injuries in the Lone Star state.

It is now legal in Texas for people twenty-one or over to carry a handgun in a holster without a permit. 

Illegal possession of a firearm is a criminal offense in Texas and Louisiana. 

The Two Categories Of Firearm Accidents

Firearm accidents may fall under two categories of cause: product defects and shooter error. 

When human error, negligence, or carelessness contributes to an accidental shooting, the case will fall under negligence-based personal injury laws. 

When the gun’s design, manufacturing defect, or lack of warnings and directions contribute to the shooting, the case falls under product liability laws. 

Gun defects injure and kill many Americans each year. Sometimes, guns malfunction, and unintentional shots can go off. 

Firearms are safe these days, but consumers continue to report drop-fire accidents. When an accidentally dropped gun fires, that is called a drop-fire accident. 

A powerful gun lobby in the country tries to protect gun makers from prevailing product liability laws. Experienced attorneys know how to hold manufacturers responsible for gun-related accidents. 

An accidental discharge lawsuit helps recover medical costs, lost wages, and punitive damages against a manufacturer for negligence and disregard for the safety of consumers. 

Accidental gunshot injury lawyer Bart Bernard works with the best firearm industry experts to determine the root cause of any gun accident. Attorney Bernard has the skill set and expertise to hold gun manufacturers responsible for defective firearms that lead to injury and death.

A gunshot accident due to negligence occurs when the gun owner or shooter fails to exercise reasonable care and precaution when handling a gun, thereby endangering the safety of others.

Negligence refers to behavior that falls below a required standard of care. Negligence can refer to various actions or failures to act.

In gun accidents, negligence usually manifests in one of the following manners: 

· Negligent training

· Negligent handling 

· Negligent storage

· Impairment during discharge 

Examples of gun negligence include:

· Leaving loaded guns in vehicles or homes

· Failure to safely store firearms

· Failure to prevent unauthorized users and children from accessing guns

· Failing to install trigger locks on stored firearms

· Failing to unload weapons before cleaning or handling. 

Liability In Accidental Gunshot Injury Cases

Determining liability can help injured individuals or survivors obtain compensation and can also help future accident prevention efforts. 

Gun ownership is a right, but it requires skill and responsibility to ensure safety.

Owners must use their weapons legally. When guns are made accessible to children or untrained persons, they can present a significant safety hazard. 

When gun owners use their guns or allow their use in a manner that leads to death and injury, they could be held liable. 

Homeowners are responsible for exercising reasonable care for the well-being of children and adults who come onto their property. 

When accidental shootings occur on their property, homeowners may be held liable for negligence because of inattentiveness or carelessness. 

Individuals suffering gun-related injuries will have potential claims against the manufacturers of the defective guns. 

Gun stores and dealers are liable if they sell firearms without performing proper background checks. 

Contact A Gunshot Injury Lawyer Right Away

If you have suffered injuries in an accidental shooting in Texas or Louisiana, get medical attention first and then contact an experienced personal injury attorney who handles firearm accident cases.

Every day, personal injury attorney Bart Bernard helps injury victims in Louisiana and Texas reclaim their lives by fighting for the compensation they deserve. 

Attorney Bernard vigorously pursues all legal remedies against those at fault for causing your injuries, damages, or losses. 

Contact our Louisiana and Texas personal injury law firm to schedule your free consultation today. 



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