Autonomous Vehicle Accidents

Autonomous Vehicle Accidents

Louisiana Autonomous Vehicle Accidents: Everything You Need To Know

Motor vehicles with some self-driving or autonomous capabilities have made their way onto Louisiana roads and highways. 

The technology behind autonomous vehicles aims to reduce or remove human error and make vehicles and driving safer.

These cars can revolutionize travel, particularly for elderly or disabled individuals with limited transportation access. However, the advanced driving assistance systems (ADAS) in autonomous vehicles cannot understand the road, weather conditions, or any unobserved factors that an individual would consider in a similar situation. 

Autonomous motor vehicles aren’t fully driverless yet. A motorist can turn on self-driving features but should be ready to regain control when necessary. 

These vehicles require drivers to supervise the technology and intervene when the software fails.

Negligent operators, technical issues, and software glitches can cause deadly auto accidents. 

What Is An Autonomous Vehicle?

A self-driving or autonomous motor vehicle is an automobile that senses its environment and operates without human involvement. 

These vehicles use a combination of sensors, cameras, radar, and artificial intelligence (AI) to travel between destinations without operator intervention.

The Society of Automotive Engineers outlines automation levels as follows:

Level 0

No automation. The driver does everything. 

Level 1

The driver has minimal assistance with power brakes or power steering. 

Level 2 

Partial automation features such as cruise control may exist, but the driver remains in power. 

 Level 3

The car can operate without the driver’s control, but the driver must be attentive and ready to take control at any time.

 Level 4

The car can operate without driver intervention. The drivers can take control if they wish. 

 Level 5

Fully autonomous vehicles that can operate without a driver. These vehicles may not even have a steering wheel or gas pedal. 

The factors contributing to driverless car crashes include: 

· System breakdown

· Faulty or malfunctioning sensors, batteries, or wiring 

· Miscalculation of risk by the AI system

· Human error

· Failure of automatic systems to analyze their surrounding environments and the unpredictability of human behavior

· Brake failure 

· Hacking and cyber attacks

· Shutting down of system due to low battery

· Lack of accurate legislation as self-driving cars are a new endeavor in transportation. 

Louisiana Legislation On Fully Autonomous Vehicles

No completely self-driving cars exist yet, but several vehicles offer hands-free driving for stretches. 

Louisiana has legislation in place for the driverless future. Louisiana will allow only commercial vehicles to be on the road autonomously. 

Louisiana is one of the first states in the country to regulate self-driving commercial vehicles, a move that will transform the trucking sector in the future. 

Louisiana is one of twenty-one states with legislation allowing self-driving vehicle testing on its roads. 

Louisiana laws state that if the vehicle uses a remote driver, that driver must have a driver’s license. 

Autonomous vehicle insurance policies differ from conventional coverages, so understanding the specifics of a policy is vital. Louisiana has a two-million-dollar insurance coverage requirement.

Liability In Self-driving Automobile Accidents

Determining fault in an autonomous car accident can be more complex than in a traditional auto accident. It takes an experienced car accident attorney to hold the at-fault party accountable. 

Conventional car accidents involve human drivers, making liability determination straightforward. However, self-driving car accidents are complex, as these cars rely on a combination of sensors, artificial intelligence, and human oversight. 

Rather than relying on driver statements, insurance companies may consider information from electronic control modules (black boxes) in vehicles. 

Liable parties in autonomous vehicle accidents include: 


Most self-driving cars require human drivers to supervise the technology and step in when the software fails. If drivers ignore warning signals or are inattentive, they could be liable for a resulting self-driving car accident. 


A self-driving car manufacturer is liable for a collision involving its vehicle if a product defect contributes to the crash. Every vehicle manufacturer and distributor must ensure the safety of their products. These duties include designing safe models, ensuring correct manufacture, inspecting vehicles for problems, and testing the cars before their release to the public. 

Breaching any of the above duties could incur liability for an accident. A manufacturer is liable if any aspect of the design or manufacturing of the vehicle makes it unsafe for the occupants. 

Government, Government Entities, and Regulatory Bodies

Government entities and regulatory authorities can be liable for autonomous vehicle accidents if they fail to implement and enforce proper safety standards.

Software Developers

The software company that develops and delivers software and sensor systems in autonomous cars could be liable if a defect or glitch in the software causes or contributes to an accident.

Bart Bernard Injury Lawyers: Louisiana Lawyers Mastering the Legal Terrain of Car Accident Claims

Louisiana is a pure comparative fault state. Comparative fault is difficult to prove in self-driving car accident cases. For Louisiana personal injury cases, a one-year statute of limitations applies. 

Louisiana car accident attorney Bart Bernard has the understanding and expertise to navigate this new area of motor vehicle accident law successfully. 

At Bart Bernard Injury Lawyers, we will

· Review your self-driving car accident case and answer your queries

· Conduct an independent and thorough investigation of the crash

· Work with expert witnesses to determine liability and damages

· Identify liable individuals and entities

· Determine your auto insurance policies and available sources of financial recovery

· Handle communication and negotiations with the insurance company and defense attorneys

· File a lawsuit in civil court to protect the statute of limitations if all attempts at a reasonable settlement agreement fail. 

Our Louisiana personal injury law firm adheres to the highest standards of professionalism, client service, and sincere hard work. 

If you or a family member have suffered injuries in an autonomous vehicle accident anywhere in Louisiana, contact an experienced auto accident lawyer at Bart Bernard Injury Lawyers to discuss your case.

As part of our endeavor to serve Louisiana 

communities, we offer free initial consultations and visit homes and hospitals when you can’t come to us. 



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