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Halloween Safety Tips for Parents

As fall weather finally begins to settle into Louisiana, children and adults alike are preparing their costumes and decorations for Halloween. As you gear up for Halloween, keep in mind some often-overlooked risks and consider taking a few important safety precautions. Halloween risks Halloween is the only time of the

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Teens Texting and Driving: A Growing Epidemic

A recent study shows a disturbing trend about teenagers and their driving habits. Nearly 38% text while driving. Not only that, but they do it frequently enough that 64% of those who do have done it at least once a month. Teens Text More Where the Driving Age Is Lower

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5 Facts about Roundup Cancer Litigation

The weed-killing chemical marketed as Roundup is at the heart of growing litigation concerning allegations that it causes cancer. Claimants around the country argue that manufacturer Monsanto failed to adequately warn about the carcinogenic risks associated with glyphosate – the key ingredient in the popular herbicide. Just last month Monsanto

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How Much Is My Truck Accident Case Worth?

Truck accidents can be among the most serious types of motor vehicle accidents, causing thousands of severe injuries and deaths every year. If you’ve been harmed by a commercial truck driver, you have the right to seek legal advocacy services to maximize your chances of securing compensation. One of the

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How Much Is My Car Accident Worth?

A successful car accident lawsuit will establish the other driver’s fault and prove the extent of the plaintiff’s injury and loss. The Law Office of Bart Bernard can determine liability through police reports, traffic cams, witness statements, depositions, and other investigations. Most people sue once their treatment is completed, medical

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How Much Is My Maritime Accident Worth?

Suing is one of your options in the aftermath of a serious boating accident, but is it always a good idea? Here at the Law Office of Bart Bernard, we can discuss this with you during a free case evaluation. Generally, we tell people it’s worth pursuing a settlement or

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