Catastrophic Injuries In Boating Accidents 

Catastrophic Injuries

The weather in Texas and Louisiana is perfect for enjoying boating year-round.  The neighboring states possess miles of shoreline and many lakes where you can enjoy boating, swimming, and much more.  Texans and Louisianans own and operate boats for pleasure, business, and fishing.  Boating on the lakes in Texas and Louisiana is a significant part […]

Texas And Louisiana Oil Rig Accident

Oil Rig Accident

Oil Rig Accident Injuries In Texas And Louisiana The energy sector remains a cornerstone of the Texas and Louisiana economies. Oil and gas jobs are vital to Louisiana and Texas. These jobs pay above state median wages.  There are hundreds of oil rigs and platforms in the Gulf of Mexico, with the major ones operated […]

Cruise Ship Accident

Cruise Ship Accident

Injured on a Cruise Ship? Everything You Need To Know  No one likes to hit the high seas for vacation like the Americans. Going on cruises is as much a part of the national identity as the love for baseball. The cruising industry supports nearly half a million jobs in the country.  The Port of […]

Louisiana Boating Accidents

Louisiana Boating Accident

Louisiana Boating Accidents: Why Hiring a Louisiana Boating Accident Lawyer is Essential to Safeguard Your Rights Approximately 11% of the total surface area of Louisiana is composed of water bodies. The state has over 400 miles of coastline. Not only is water Louisiana’s most abundant resource, but it is also the most important. A fun […]

How Much Is My Maritime Accident Worth?

Suing is one of your options in the aftermath of a serious boating accident, but is it always a good idea? Here at the Law Office of Bart Bernard, we can discuss this with you during a free case evaluation. Generally, we tell people it’s worth pursuing a settlement or jury award if you have […]

6 Types of Offshore Oil Rig Accidents

Large offshore oil rigs can be extremely dangerous places for workers. We have only to think of the Deepwater Horizon accident and spill in 2010, which killed 11 people and is etched on American history as one of the worst industrial accidents ever, to realize how catastrophic these events can be. What are the most […]

One of the 5 Most Dangerous Jobs May Surprise You

Every job comes with risks, but some are inherently more dangerous than others. Desk jockeys may be more prone to suffering cardiovascular problems, tension headaches and poor circulation, but some professions are considered downright hazardous when it comes to workplace accidents and fatalities. Jobs that involve extreme weather, grueling hours, heavy equipment, toxic chemicals and […]

Commercial Fishing in Louisiana: A Dangerous Business

Louisiana is home to many commercial fishermen. Fishing, from shrimp boats to oystering to catching snapper and grouper, is highly important to the economy of the state. But it’s also highly dangerous for the men and women who do it. Fatality Rates for Commercial Fisherman: 29 Times Higher than the National Average

Boating Under the Influence in Louisiana: Risks and Penalties

We all love a pleasant day out on Bayou State waters. Despite the freedom you feel in the open waters, it’s important to obey maritime law and avoid operating a boat while drinking. According to a 2016 report by the U.S. Coast Guard, alcohol is the leading contributing factor in fatal boat accidents – even greater than operator inattention, driver inexperience, improper lookout, speeding, and machinery failure.

Hurricane Season Poses Dangers to Offshore Workers

Every day in the United States, an estimated 10,000 men and women wake up on a drilling rig or platform in the Gulf of Mexico, where they brave treacherous conditions to do their jobs. Beyond the day-to-day hazards of working on an offshore pipeline, vessel or drilling rig, maritime workers also face the dangers of […]