Catastrophic Injuries In Boating Accidents 

Catastrophic Injuries

The weather in Texas and Louisiana is perfect for enjoying boating year-round. 

The neighboring states possess miles of shoreline and many lakes where you can enjoy boating, swimming, and much more. 

Texans and Louisianans own and operate boats for pleasure, business, and fishing. 

Boating on the lakes in Texas and Louisiana is a significant part of most people’s summer fun. 

However, fun on the water can be disastrous when a boating accident occurs. Most boating accidents are preventable.

The majority of boating accidents in the country are an outcome of human error and negligence. 

The Leading Causes of Boating Accidents

Falling overboard leads to more deaths than even collisions. 

Collisions continue to be the primary cause of recreational boating accidents.

Collisions are so frequent in the country that the Coast Guard has two categories for these mishaps – collisions with other vessels and collisions with stationary objects. 

The leading causes of boat accidents include:

· Inexperienced and unlicensed operators 

· Operator inattention

· Improper lookout

· Speeding

· Alcohol consumption

· Inadequate boat maintenance

· Poor weather conditions

What Makes A Boating Accident Injury Catastrophic? 

Boating injuries can range from minor bruises and sprains to severe medical conditions such as hypothermia and amputations.

Unlike an accident on land, emergency medical services are not readily available on the water.

If the boat operator suffers injuries too, there may not be anyone else who can seek help or steer the boat to shore. 

When someone falls into the water due to a collision, it is unlikely that help will arrive in time to save them. 

Survivors of boating crashes often suffer catastrophic injuries. These include: 

· Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs)

· Spinal Cord injuries

· Burn injuries

· Amputations

· Paralysis

· Permanent disfigurement

· Disability

· Multiple fractures and orthopedic injuries 

· Internal organ injuries

· Exposure to dangerous chemicals

· Exposure to dangerous toxins

Damages In Catastrophic Boating Accident Injuries

Catastrophic injuries change the lives of victims and their families forever due to the high cost of the victim’s medical care, loss of wages, and their need for assistance daily. 

Factors that may qualify a case as catastrophic include: 

· Inability to return to work or have gainful employment 

· Inability to physically care for oneself due to the injury

· Need for ongoing medical care

· Need for medical device assistance (wheelchair, crutches, or other devices)

· Need to make modifications to home and vehicles to accommodate the effects of the injury

· A spouse may need to quit their job to provide constant care

Your settlement amount or compensation must represent all your damages, including:

· Current and future medical expenses

· Rehabilitation and therapy costs

· Medical equipment or assistive devices costs

· Cost of modifying a home or vehicle

· Lost wages

· Loss of earning capacity

· Pain and suffering

· Mental anguish

· Loss of consortium

· Loss of enjoyment of life

· Disfigurement

· Punitive damages

Bart Bernard Injury Lawyers: Personal Injury Lawyers Thriving In High-Stakes Cases

Commercial and recreational boating are a way of life in Texas and Louisiana. Sadly, boating accidents are, too. 

Boating accidents can significantly impact your financial, physical, and emotional health. 

Boating accident cases involve complicated legal and factual issues, from establishing the cause of such accidents to proving negligence and causation. 

Boating accidents are some of the most challenging to recover compensation. 

The necessary evidence and arguments to prove the injured victim’s damages are more comprehensive and elaborate in catastrophic injury cases. 

Personal injury laws are complex, but finding the right lawyer is simple.

Bart Bernard Injury Lawyers has offices in Lafayette and Houston. 

Attorney Bart Bernard is a trial lawyer. Trial lawyers are a rare breed. Any case can go to trial in court if the parties cannot come to a fair settlement. 

Insurance companies track which attorneys take their cases to court and win. 

Personal injury attorney Bart Bernard represents and imparts specialized legal knowledge to victims, negotiates with insurance companies, and provides litigation support, if necessary.

If you or someone you love has suffered injuries in a boating accident in Texas or Louisiana waters, you deserve justice and fair compensation. 

At Bart Bernard Injury Lawyers, we’re ready to fight for the compensation you need and deserve. Contact us today for your free consultation. 



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