Slip And Falls Are Costly

Slip And Falls

Slip And Fall Accidents Can Be Costly Severe slip and fall injuries have one thing in common: they cost victims money.  Slips and falls are costly workplace incidents and significant causes of productivity loss.  The National Floor Safety Institute estimates that slip and fall accidents cost businesses seventy billion dollars yearly in the United States.   […]

Slip And Fall Accidents in Louisiana

Slip And Fall Accidents in Louisiana

Slip And Fall Accidents in Louisiana Can Result in Catastrophic Injuries Slips and falls occur when you least expect them; they usually take you by surprise. Only motor vehicle accidents rank above slip-and-fall accidents as causes of accidental deaths in the country.    Property owners and businesses in Louisiana, whether public or private, have a […]

How Does Bad Weather Affect Slip and Fall Liability?

Louisiana individuals and property owners alike may be unfamiliar with their rights and responsibilities when it comes to slips and falls in bad weather. As we continue through a season of uncharacteristically severe weather, it may be helpful to review the effect that rain and other potentially hazardous weather can have on slip and fall […]

What Parents Must Know About the Dangers of Escalators

Escalators are a regular sight at family-friendly locations like shopping malls and museums, so a significant portion of the riders of the estimated 90 billion annual rides are children. Though there are more elevators than escalators in the United States, escalator injuries are about 15 times more common and young children are the most likely […]

3 Places Where Slip and Fall Accidents Commonly Occur

Slips, trips and falls leading to serious, long-lasting injury are all-too-common. Here are three places where slips, trips and falls commonly occur. Icy Sidewalks and Parking Lots When sleet or freezing rain falls, or temperatures drop below normal levels, places where people have to walk can become dangerously icy. Sidewalks and parking lots can become slick […]

3 Ways You Can Get Hurt in the Supermarket

To most people, the supermarket may not seem like a dangerous place. After all, it’s where you go to get the necessities of everyday life: food, household products, and so on. But there are many ways to get hurt in the supermarket. Three of the most common are slip and fall accidents, cuts from flying […]

3 Leading Causes of Injury and Death in Older Americans

Ever wonder what the 3 leading causes of injury and death in Americans aged 65 and over are? #1. Falls The leading cause of injury and death for older Americans is falls. Twenty-five percent of senior citizens fall annually. A fall is not a minor accident for the elderly. Over 2.8 million injuries stemming from […]

How to Fix a Pothole – and Why You Should

Louisiana’s pothole problem is no secret; at least one online drivers’ magazine has listed New Orleans among the top 10 American “worst pothole cities”.

Potholes do not appear instantaneously. As the physical damage grows, so does the cost of repair. For business properties containing an asphalt parking lot, early maintenance and repair can save significant time and money.

Who Can I Sue After a Fall on a Public Sidewalk?

Many Louisiana residents are unaware of their legal rights if they are injured in a situation involving a municipality. An example would be a case against the city of Baton Rouge for an injury caused by a fall on a public sidewalk. Imagine you’re strolling to meet friends for lunch in the downtown area. You […]

What to Do Immediately After a Slip and Fall Accident

Slip and fall accidents can lead to serious long-term injuries that can impair your ability to work and maintain your former quality of life. To make sure you have every chance to receive fair and just compensation, it’s important to know what to do in the immediate aftermath of a slip, trip and fall accident. Liability […]