Slip And Falls Are Costly

Slip And Falls

Slip And Fall Accidents Can Be Costly

Severe slip and fall injuries have one thing in common: they cost victims money. 

Slips and falls are costly workplace incidents and significant causes of productivity loss. 

The National Floor Safety Institute estimates that slip and fall accidents cost businesses seventy billion dollars yearly in the United States.  

Slip and fall accidents can also be costly for homeowners. If a slip and fall accident occurs on their property, homeowners can face increased insurance premiums, property damage, liability for medical expenses, legal fees, and potential lawsuits. 

Medical treatment, rehabilitation, property damage, and personal injury claims or lawsuits can come with high price tags.

Many people presume slips and falls to result in no more than bruises. However, they can be disabling and even deadly. 

Catastrophic injuries in slip and fall mishaps can cause disfigurement or limit physical abilities. Catastrophic injuries include Spinal cord injuries, Traumatic brain injuries, fractures, partial or complete paralysis, amputations, and internal organ injuries. 

Slip and fall victims may require expensive medical treatments, including hospital stays, surgery, and weeks, months, or years of physical rehabilitation. 

It’s also common for victims to feel embarrassed about slip and fall injuries. Many victims suffer silently without seeking financial compensation. 

Common Slip And Fall Accident Sites

Workers, customers, or business visitors can suffer injuries in a fall at:

· Lobbies and entrances

· Corridors

· Parking lots and parking garages

· Sidewalks, driveways, patios, and courtyards

· Stairs and ramps

· Escalators and elevators

· Restrooms

· Kitchens

Slip and fall accidents are preventable; employers and property owners should maintain safety standards. 

The Factors that Determine A Claim’s Value

No two cases are the same. There may be subtle nuances in your case that can affect your claim’s value. 

A slip-and-fall case valuation should include reimbursement of accident-related expenses and compensation for mental anguish, emotional pain, and disruption and inconvenience to lives.

Before negotiating a settlement or pursuing a verdict at trial, estimating the value of a claim is critical. 

The factors impacting a claim’s value include:

· The severity of the injury 

· The nature of permanent disability

· Medical bills 

· Lost wages

· Diminished earning capacity 

· Strength of evidence, 

· Comparative fault of the injury victim

· Availability of insurance and policy limits 

· Nature of the negligent conduct 

· The amount of property damage

Even your age, health, and family situation can impact what your case is worth. 

A Louisiana personal injury lawyer can help a victim comply with the statute of limitations to avoid being time-barred from filing a lawsuit, determine liable parties, and overcome the hurdles involving the special notice requirements to sue when a public entity is at fault. 

Personal Injury Claim And Litigation Costs

Personal injury claims are expensive if they go to court.

The cost of pursuing a personal injury claim involves a vivid range of expenses, including filing fees, expert witness fees, video production costs, exhibit preparation costs, court reporter fees, postage, copying costs, and many other expenses.

Experts charge thousands of dollars for the initial case review and a written report of their findings and opinions. 

At Bart Bernard Injury Lawyers, we work on a contingency fee basis. Our Louisiana personal injury law firm pays for court costs, expert witness fees, administrative costs, and much more.

Help With Medical Costs

The pain and agony due to injuries, mental trauma, and financial losses continue long after a severe slip and fall accident. 

Hospitals charge accident victims exorbitant costs rather than the reduced costs available to insurance companies.

An experienced Louisiana slip-and-fall lawyer will pressure hospitals to get a breakdown of the fees to identify excessive expenditures. Profit-driven hospitals may use liens to try and dictate your settlement to protect their entitlement to reimbursement. 

Louisiana personal injury attorney Bart Bernard knows healthcare providers’ strategies to raise hospital bills.

Contact A Louisiana Slip And Fall Attorney 

For the layman, personal injury law is difficult to navigate. A victim may have trouble working within the many technical rules that are second nature for a Louisiana personal injury attorney with extensive law school training and practice experience. 

At-fault businesses have corporate attorneys and insurance companies fighting for them to avoid paying what a slip-and-fall case is worth. 

Attorney Bart Bernard has extensive knowledge of the law, top negotiating skills, and decades of trial experience. 

If you or a loved one have suffered injuries requiring extensive medical treatment after a slip-and-fall accident anywhere in Louisiana, contact our law firm today. 

Don’t let unscrupulous defense lawyers and insurance companies make you a victim for a second time. Contact us to schedule your free consultation. 



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